Networking problem no one can figure out

hello everyone,

i'm having a networking issue thats actually been a problem for years but now its where its hampering me on what i want/need to do.

in a nut shell doing pc to pc file transfers is slower than well its just slow. right now i can transfer files from my main pc to the back room pc at roughly two and a half megs a second which is way to slow, i should be much much higher than that, in fact my speed should be bottle necked by the sending/receiving of the sustain hard drive rates.

one odd thing is (and accessing it from my main pc) if i copy a file from the back room's pc to my pc i get speeds around six to seven megs a second which is better but still way to slow.

as mentioned this has been going on for years, a couple pc's have changed but for the most part the hard ware is the same, software os systems has changed from everything from xp to win 7 all with the same issues.

a bit of specs

main pc is a dual core e6600 with 6gigs of ram, sata 3gig drives, gigabyte lan

back room pc is an amd athlon 64 4000+ with 1.5gigs of ram, sata 3gig drives, it has a gigabyte

other is a laptop toshiba satellite m115

route is a netgear wpn824 10/100 wireless mimo router

the back room pc is on a power line Ethernet adapter from trendnet 500meg one but they have a gigabyte etehrnet connection i guess to each other.

i can't recall everything thats been tried but i can redo anything suggested and when i get a chance if needed i can post a couple of ping tests but those look like everything is more or less good.

basically on the ping test i had my main pc ping the back room pc like 1k times (mainly to give me enough time to do other stuff)
then on the back pc connected via the power line Ethernet kit, i pinged the router with data packets of 65500 and the person helping me who's now busy said that was saying everything was working more or less fine and i was getting 65meg pings so i am still trying to find out why i can only transfer files between the pc's so slow.

so any help would be appreciated.


ryan from florida
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  1. how far away from the Netgear is the back room? how many walls? are they drywall, brick, or concrete?

    Maybe you could use a wireless bridge repeater.

    the thing about the powerline kits is that they do not work at the speed advertised. I seen 200Mb once that barely made 10Mb. there are a lot of things that can interfere with the signal.
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  3. well its basically got two walls between it and the back room, one a frame wall and the other block. wireless cards have unreliable signals and the one i had in the pc was no longer keeping a lock for more than a min or two which is why i went back to the power line, my sisters laptop gets a good lock in that room but the speed its connected too varies rapidly.

    i had netgear power line kit a long time ago but it was maxed at 14meg connection so to speak.

    i don't think its the powerline because even the wireless laptop received transfers at the same speed.

    when the pc on the back had a reliable wireless connection (not sure what happened to why it don't anymore) the speeds was always the same.

    i can only thing of one thing is either the rotuer just can and never did work right, but works flawlessly for internet connections for every pc

    or i have a setting wrong somewhere and thats currently what i am thinking i just can't seem to find out what.

    i've changed both cards to 100megs full and half duplex with no change in speed so they are back to auto negotiate.

    by the routers lights everything is connected at 100 speed.

    and for the powerline speeds, i did research and most people that had the same model i had was getting transfer speeds between pc's of anywhere from 40-80 megs and most of that was really dependent on the sustained rates of their hard drives.

    hell i'd be happy if i could get 25 megs for the transfer rate but this slow 2.5 megs is too slow to transfer any real files back and forth.

  4. You raise an interesting point about hard disk speeds ut I have to say I've never noticed any difference inspite of having varying speeds in my network between some in my server which spin at 15,000 rpm, through standard PC drives at 7,400 down to the laptop I'm using now at 5,000 something. I think timing transfer speeds down to such levels of nano-seconds is an unnecessary art form. :D

    You're also very lucky to be in a position to be concerned at powerlines maxing out at 14Mb - I have no need to worry about anything over 2Mb.
  5. well the current set up on the power line is a 500meg speed, so really i should be able to transfer files back and forth from the pc's with my hard drives being the bottleneck.

    trying to copy over high def files or stream them at a 2.5meg rate just will not work.

    so trying to find out why my pc to pc transfer speeds are so poor.
  6. .02 cents...

    In your router I would check to see if there are any firmware updates first off. Second I would do IP reservation for all the PC's. Then on each of the PC's I would set them to static IP's. While you are at it I would disable QOS on each computer. IP reservations will reduce network chatter, and disabling QOS will free up the 20% that MS holds back (default).

    Second I would throw in a gigabit switch instead of the router's switch.

    Just some food for thought, it might help... But I believe adding the Gigabit switch will help the most v.s. using the 10/100 switch.
  7. thanks for the advise.

    i thought about the switch and thought we had a one i could test with laying around at work but they took it.

    i'm thinking its the router, thats the conclusion 3 people have come too.

    pings seem to indicate 65+meg packets being pinged without a problem but file transfer are real slow and

    the 10/100 router is the bottle net of the network, it says its connecting at the 100 speed but something isn't right.

    it really should be even with the current router my hard drives that are the bottle neck on their sustained speeds.

    considering most hardware have changed and its been this way for years only the router is the same truly that that seems like the likely suspect.

    no firmware upgrades, it fails every time i try but i checked the website manually and i have the most current and that one is like four years old.

  8. I think it could be the adapter and not the router. Have you played with the Advanced options - half-duplex, RX and TX rates, etc. to see if you can increase speeds?
  9. yes i've changed the adapters for those settings.

    and if its the adapter that means its been every adapter i've had among all the pc's over hte last few years including the laptop, all that seems unlikely.

    i have a new router on its way and i'll see what happens when i connect it.
  10. ok an update.

    hooked up the new router. and it was not the problem.

    any more idea's?
  11. here's a quick bit of information.

    i had a ts file that was 4.8gigs in size, it took if i recall right close to 90mins to copy over to the other pc.

    now on a hunch of what i saw on a forum page, i loaded up vlc and watched that same file from that pc on another pc, no freezes, glitches or anything.

    so i really could watch the file from her pc to mine faster than i could copy it to her pc.

    its got to be an issue on how transfers are handled.

    its got to be a default setting or something in win 7, sounds like all the forums i've seen that many many people had no problem with xp but once they switched to win 7 they have identical network transfer problems like i do.
  12. shot in the dark but maybe you have an AV/security suite that scans files that are transferred over the network in realtime?
  13. no thats not it.

    i've disabled the firewall on both pc's and router.

    turned off any anti virus type of program, etc

    this seems to be a rather large problem if you look at all the forum topics everywhere on it.
  14. What is your exactly network layout?

    Have you tried using a wireless card or the like and bypassing the powerline?

    I'm curious if it's not the speed of your computer... here's why

    You can transfer at 2.5mb to the old comptuer,
    and you can transfer at 6 or 7 mbs to the new computer.

    Keep in mind Reading a file is much easier/faster then Writing a file. So it would be easier for your old computer to send a file then to recieve one.
  15. alright, i guess that explains the vlc playing i guess since its only reading and not writing.

    my layout is a 10meg cable modem service.

    thats plugged right in to the router

    the route is a 824 netgear mimo router, it has 3 pc's connected to it

    one wireless laptop
    my pc hooked right to it
    and my mother's pc connected via the power lines.

    it really does not matter what pc i am sending too its always right around 2-2.5meg transfer rate.

    i can send at that speed even if the pc is using close to 100% of the cable internet service.

    i've been reading on many forums where a ton of people seems to be having this problem. most of the time they was using xp and it worked just fine.

    as for putting that pc on a wireless card, that don't work, i had it on one but a while ago i guess too many neighbors got wireless and the interference was too much for it to handle.
  16. hmm..

    Here is where you stand...

    If you can Truly send 65meg packets then your Layer 1 is working fine.

    That means this is prob a layer 2 or layer 3 issue.

    Try deleting the Network Driver and reinstalling, also check for new drivers while your at it. This gets you back to default settings.

    Do the same on both computers. This gets us to default which is good on Win PC's.

    Check for Firmware updates on the Netgear router.

    What is the transfer speed from your PC to the Laptop?
  17. ok to answer a couple of questions

    yes thast what the layer one is reporting

    no idea what layer 2 or 3 is, not even really layer 1 but thast what i was told it was working fine.

    no firmware update for the router and hasn't been in a while

    transfer to the laptop is roughly the same.

    i could delete all the stuff but to be honest i think redoing the pc would accomplish the same thing so i'll hold off on it right now since i don't want to mess with this pc for the current time frame.

    in about 30 mins i am starting to build my new pc, that will let me know if this pc was to blame for the slow network or not, but from my many reading of forums it seems its a windows 7 issue with no real solution, what works for some don't work for most and some can't seem to find any solution that works, i've done so many things at this point who knows how far off its from default.

    i'll update when i get the new pc up and running and see what happens
  18. alright everyone a new update and maybe this will help some.

    i just built a new pc, everytying fresh install, etc, its now more or less what i consider my master pc.

    since i still had the old one up and running and connected to the route and this one connected to the router i decided to try something.

    the old pc still can not seem to get any of the shared folders to actaully be avaialble on any pc, its set right just like all the ohter pc's but when you try to access the pc on the network you get permission denied, but thats ok for this test or info below plus before passing it on i'll be redoing it.

    anyways so i have a temp current set up.

    two pc's connected to a router via wire
    old pc and new pc build
    back room pc connected via the powerline to the route which for what i understand should be just like having it connected to the router itself
    and then one laptop pc connected wireleslly.

    from my new pc build

    to the back room on the power line i get roughly 2MB transfer which is painfully slow.

    to the laptop (and its seettings need adjusting i think) transfer speed of 1.8-2.2MB

    now i can access my old pc from any pc so

    from my old pc copying info to it from antoher pc

    from the backroom pc 2MB basically teh same as tranfeing to it
    laptop: same thing almost the same as goign to.

    here's where it gets sticky

    i put a wireless card into the pc hoping i could use that an avoid spending money on another powerline adapter

    so wirelessly i can copy stuff from my new pc to my old (from my old of course) 2MB per second.

    if i have wireless disabled and have it connected to the router via wire
    i get 11-13MB.

    while those speeds are still slower than i expect from a 500meg powerline kit (note i can not even get those on the kit).

    if i could get the backroom pc to go at that speed i'd give up and settle for that.

    so any idea's.

    i've tried just about everyting under the sun.
  19. go buy a 100ft network cable and see what the speeds are.
    monoprice has them for like 10$

    or 50ft.. or move the backroom computer to the other room for testing.

    basically take all the random crap out of the equation like the powerline adapters

    ive seen them "connected at 100mbits" that wouldnt even go 1MB/sec
  20. i've been thinking about goign to get the networking cable.

    i was on the phone wiht trendnet tech support. we ran through a bunch of things, most of what was just confirming what i already though.

    i have a new pc, we'll call it pc 1, my old pc we'll call 2, the pc on the pwoerline we'll call 3 and the laptop well thats just the laptop.

    first he had me bypass the powerline and router all together and use a ethernet cable to connect both pc 1 and 2 directly, then we did a ping test then i tried to transfer a file, and he said whats it saying and i was like nothing its done (40 seconds after i started), he said get a large file and i was like that was 3.5gigs, so i found one 2gigs bigger.

    that was 5.5 gigs and it transfered over in like 3 mins i think, i was getting a transfer speed of (after i settled down i guess) of 62MB which was rougly 496mbps

    those two pc's was connected at 1gbps to each other. so the 62 speed is fast but i think it could do the 90 megs i was getting but the sustained speeds of the hard drives couldn't keep that up.

    ok so then he had me connect pc 1 to the pwoerline adapter and we tried to copy that way, and bamb same problem.

    so then we tried to do pc 2 and same thing

    then he had me bring in the pwerline from pc 3 and plug into close

    so now using the powerline pc 1 and 3 are connected to each other, in the same room on the same cirut.

    for some reason and he could not figure it out the connection speed on one pc to the adapter was 1gbps and the other pc to the adapter was 100mbps but we was working with what we had.

    using this i was getting about a 10.6MB speed which was close to the 13MB that a 100mbps connection should produce.

    so then he has me take the powerline from pc 1 back to pc 3 and try the same thing from pc 2 to pc 3 this way.

    after about 5-10 mins the pwerline kits was not connecting. he said that power outlet was not good for it i tried to tell him it has to be a good outlet we already had it connected to it.

    so this is perplexing him. he has me install the utlity on pc 1 and its reporting a connection speed of 47mbps and that according to calcultaors puts out about 5.5MB i'm thinking maybe beccause of a two way connection that cuts it down to 2.5MB i don't know

    pc 3's utilit is shoign a 149mbps which is faster than the routers 100mbps, so really that should be the bottlenet capping transfers at 10-13MB.

    i did screen caps for him he said he had some idea's but had to get in touch with an engineer.

    so we'll wait and see what happens
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