Huge lag in Call of duty 4 after installing new modem+router

Hey guys

So I used to use a Thomson TG585v7 modem router (wireless) as my means of connecting to the internet, the aerial cracked on it and I began getting dropped connections, so I went out and bought a D-Link DSL-2730B modem+router. I am hooked up wirelessly to the internet as there is no phone jack in my bedroom, and I experience massive and prolonged lag while playing call of duty 4 multiplayer, which I never had before with my old Thomson modem. My ping also shoots up to about 400 and then 999 while I teleport around the map. Not sure why this is happening, would appreciate your help :(

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  1. Update: It just got worse, now whenever I enter the game my ping starts off at 420 and then I am simply stuck in a lag spike until whenever it is I decide to quit the game. Its just unbearable.

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