Why doesn't my computer show anything on the screen?

I cloned my Revodrive on to a new SSD using norton ghost. The only change I made to my computer was the new hard drive and I added a second hd 6970 graphics card with crossfire. My computer booted successfully the first attempt but my keyboard wasn't typing to log into windows so I hit the restart button on my tower. Now the computer doesn't boot and nothing shows on the screen and stays black. I don't hear any beep POST codes. If I unplug the memory I hear the normal POST error. I did change from 16gb to memory to 4gb but was going to add the other 3 sticks later (same kind). I also have a signature antec 850watt psu and a p67h2-a2 ecs motherboard that shows the post code A3 which means IDE initializing according to the manual... and there are no IDE slots. I don't even see the BIOS screen or loadup screen at all.

Also my keyboard wouldn't power up a few times until I moved to a higher USB slot. It shouldn't be an issue of lack of power I assume though because I removed both of the graphics cards and tried booting with an 8800gts. I even unplugged the hard drive and tried different sata ports to no result. What should I do? I didn't run sysprep either before cloaning. How can I get my system to start working again?

The monitor is working. No cables are plugged in incorrectly. All the fans are moving and the system appears to be working
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  1. yer using a crossfire bridge right?
    try again with one card. if it works, install corssfire drivers, then add 2nd card.
  2. sound like your install may be lacking the proper driver to see the ssd as a boot device. the crossover could have gotten a bit of corruption, but this doesnt explain the lack of a POST or splash screen.

    heres what i would do, use a known good video device, and boot the computer with out any hard drives. even use the onbboard if it has it. is youre still not seeing a post report, recheck your power/cables/power button on the monitor.

    please report back.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply but both of you did not read the part where I said that I have already tried with a different working graphics card. I have already tried booting without a hard drive and here was still nothing on the screen. All of the cables are plugged in correctly.
  4. I have a multi-monitor setup. While both monitors work (verified independently). For some reason nothing was showing up on one but the second one would. I think this is because my other monitor being remembered as the primary one even though there was only one plugged in? I have no idea but it wasn't a cabling issue. I then ran into an issue reading the hard drive in which I remembered the IDE error code and changed IDE to ACHI in the bios and loaded up Windows successfully. Everything appears to be working as it should at this point even with crossfire. I will monitor the situation. Thanks for your replies.
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