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My display is now a VGA. Help?

I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460. My system crashed 2 nights ago due to a bios error and I ended up saving some files and documents but I had to wipe the computer back to factory settings. the drivers of course needed to be reinstalled for a lot of things. The nvidia drivers were not installed how ever and I have been to their site and it says the hardware I have doesnt match their driver downloads. The resolution maximum with the VGA is 1280x1024 and when the video card was working properly it was 1960x1640. Before the crash i had no problems at all, but now it shows as an: Acer S271HL on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. How can I fix this and what is going wrong?
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  1. For a few more details:

    The Nvidia 460 was running on 1.5 GB
    The current display is 14MB

    Intel I-7
    Toshiba Qosmio
  2. 2 options
    get the driver from toshiba here.

    Or go to and get the driver there.
    in the search options make sure you tell it what windows you are using vista? win7 32 or 64 and make sure you select 470M for Mobile laptops.

    Download the file and to your desktop or documents folder or whatever and then run it. It should prompt you to reboot and you should be good.

    Again make sure you get the right driver for your windows win 7 64 or whatever you have. If you download the wrong one it will give you an error when you run it.
  3. Thank you for your response. i will try it and see how it goes
  4. You need to download and install the video card drivers either from the Toshiba website or Nvidia's website -- right now the OS does not know what video card you have and is running off of some old generic drivers that are used for troubleshooting (so that the system will at least run so you can install the proper drivers)

    BE sure that you download the proper Nvidia driver for your version of windows (VISTA - Win 7 - and 32 bit or 64 bit depending on what OS you have) and for your video card and install them. ( the error message about not having the right hardware is because it scans the driver you are currently using (Standard VGA) and thinks you do not have an Nvidia video card when using the scanner - so go directly to the download section and find the driver for your version of windows and download and install them instead of using their auto detect program !!

    Go here and enter the correct info in the MANUAL section -- do not use the auto detect
  5. My laptop is Windows 7 64-bit and I believe it is the 460se since it is a laptop not desktop and the download does not work. It says I dont have the hardware to support it. I know I do though.
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    What is the exact model of the laptop? The 460second edition is a desktop card so we know thats not the right one.

    You want to go with the driver that is labled M for Mobil. The nvidia 400m win7 64 driver should work for all 400 series laptops.
  7. I am of the belief I am officially a retard. i should know this stuff. The driver went through with no problems..... thank you for curing my stupidity
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  9. prolly only half retarded... Glad you got it working.
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