Can 64 bit processor support 32 bit os

i need to downgrade my 64-bit OS in INTEL i3 prossesor to 34-bit Windows XP. is it possible???
please help me
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  1. yes, but it is a full reinstall
  2. Yes it is, however, if you have 4gb of RAM on your system or more, Windows XP will recognize only 3GB (3.12 to be more exact).

    You can check the following link for more information on this issue:

    I hope it helps you to clarify this topic. Best regards.
  3. 64bit winxp, was rubbish, do not base your opinion of 64but os's based on that, win7 64 is great.
  4. What OS version are you using? If you go from 64 to 32 bit or the other way it will be a clean install. You will need to back up everything you meed to save first. Why do you need to change. If you are using Win7 there are versions that support XP mode to run older programs. It might be better to upgrade than to down and reinstall.
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