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I have this extremely weird problem, my monitor and speakers emit a high-pitched buzz when they are on.
Also when I turn off the speakers and the monitor there is still some buzzing, and I am unable to determine where is it coming from.
The monitor is Samsung T220HD it's mounted to the wall and the speakers are Logitech G51 also mounted around the monitor.
Could this buzz be caused by some interference coming from the PC itself? The case is modded so could this be the issue?
My power supply is a Cooler Master(1000W), mobo is Gbyte Z68X-UD7-B3, cpu: i7-2600k@4Ghz
Also I have a wireless mouse (logitech)
Is it possible that it might be the bad current? I am planning to buy a voltage stabilizer, could this solve the issue?
It's not much of a problem, and I don't know where to place this thread :P
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  1. What else is running on the same circuit as your computer? A microwave oven? Other computers? Televisions? Have you tried other outlets and/or physical locations for your computer?

    You can try to buy a line conditioner, but as I recently learned with a similar problem, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
  2. On that same circuit I have 2 more computers, xbox and a 32'HDTV, also some lamps,router and an access pont
    I have not tried any other outlets that really isn't an option, my desktop has been here for quite some time and this is the first time I have this problem.
    Recently I modded the case and changed some components and that's when the problem appeared. It's about time I get a voltage regulator or UPS.
    I really hope this will solve the problem
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