INTERNET goes out every night around the same time, checked my wireless router to make sure it was not set to go off. it is set run 7 days 24 hours, reset everything back to factory defaults, hardwired from knology cable modem to laptop no go. reboot both modem and routerno knology total crap, knology says its their cable modem, this will be the 3rd modem replaced in a years time. IS KNOLOGY'S MODEMS TOTAL JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!, worked great for 4-5 months now this crap. only thing i dont know is this, does knology run a program at this time every night to clean up thier severs?, could it be some kind of interfearence from tower , airplane flying over i am stumped. i have tried everything, moved wireless router and wireless printer to different locations .on a scale of 1-10 i put myself at a 9 when it comes to wireless modem problems, pc problems, printer problems. i have never seen anything like this. can anyone help
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  1. Clearly the problem is outside your house. Many cable companies lease lines and other equipment from other sources. Maybe they (Knology) are not aware of who is doing what, or what goes on at that particular time, and their solution is to replace the modem.

    Only a cable company can trouble-shoot such a situation. With equipment, they can pinpoint the location where the signal is dropped. This means that they have to be doing this at night; at precisely the time when your service goes down. This is how telephone companies pinpoint the source of phone line failure.

    Your cable company is well aware of this trouble-shooting technique.
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