Two monitors and two display ports

I have a very simple question really, can I have one monitor running off a DVI and another monitor run off DVI that is converted from a display port?

I have a 5770 with one HDMI connection, a Display Port and a DVI...

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  1. yes! that will be no problem. ust head over to to find a dongle that has ben tested and ceitifed by them :)
  2. Where on their website can I find that... sorry I cant find it :(
  3. Here is the AMD list of validated dongles:

    However you are not limited to what you see there. If you are running only the two displays you do not need an active adaptor you can simply use a passive adaptor. If you do decide on an active adaptor anyway unless your resolution (of the one monitor) is above 1920 * 1080 you do not need a powered dongle (bizzlink or accell are the only powered ones I know that are readily available, they are identical just branded differently in different regions).

    So to sum that up, essentially any dp-dvi adaptor will work for your situation (active, passive, powered, non-powered).
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