Starcraft 2 makes my computer power save mode

my computer has been messing up everytime i search for a starcraft2 match or even logg in my computer goes into power saving mode and i have to turn it off manually (pushing the button). i had a radeon 6770 video card 10gb ram amd quad processor help me please.
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  1. Perhaps u have a faulty power supply man.
    Beleive it or not, power supplies play a very important role, if its got faulty capacitors inside then you will find you have intermittent issues with you PC. It causes strange things like reboots or power up probs.
    Try a new PSU
  2. If it is just the game starcraft 2, it may be a driver issue. Are you using a laptop? If so could you list the brand name and specifications? Also does your computer use a power saving option such as nvidia optimus or powermizer? Those programs can cause performance issues in games due to unneeded clock speed decreases to save power. Try downloading new drivers.
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