USB 3.0 compatibility problem MB/Case

Hi all
I've ordered my parts and soon i'll get them all
But i have a problem:
My Case has usb 3.0 with connection to Onboard usb 3.0 on MB,but my AsRock Extreme3 gen3 doesn't support it(it supports usb 2.0 only)
I know i can't use them as usb 3.0,but i want to use them as usb 2.0 if possible(i think it is),so posting pictures of the opposite ends of usb 3.0 from my Case:

Thanks all in advance! :)
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the headers for USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 are different, so you can't do what you're asking easily. The pins for USB 2.0 almost certainly exist for 3.0, so you might be able to find some kind of adapter (fairly unlikely, don't see a lot of profit in it) or hack up something yourself.

    To make one yourself, you'd need to identify the pins in the USB 3.0 header, find the ones that correspond to USB 2.0 and wire those to the correct posts on the motherboard.

    Probably easiest if you took an existing USB 2.0 header, chopped off the plug, stripped the wires and connected them with wire nuts (do they come that small?) or electrical tape. It will be ugly, but my guess is it would work.
  2. Thanks for reply...
    But look at the second picture,the black one and blue one comes from the same ports and i can plug black one to the MB
    So i want to ask if i don't use blue one and just use black one as like USB 2.0,will it work?

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