What is the best graphic card for skyrim?

can anyone help me !
i have skyrim for PC but I dont have the right video/grahpic card to run it. so is there any recommendation's on what video/grahpic card i should buy and use that is a resonable price.
Thanks for your help it is apreciated :)
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  1. i love skyrim! wat r ur other specs? (Processor, RAM, etc)
  2. also... wats ur budget? and wat quality graphics are you expecting to play in? (resolution, settings, etc)
  3. This article will help: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/skyrim-performance-benchmark,3074.html

    And so will this one: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/fastest-graphics-card-radeon-geforce,3085.html

    But for specific recommendations you must list your computer's full specs (CPU, Ram, motherboard, power supply, monitor resolution).
  4. Larkspur's links will give you a lot of good information. My short answer is, without knowing anything about your PSU, a HD6670 can play this game on medium-high settings, and should run on most any PSU that is at least 300W. If your PSU is smaller, a HD6570 or even a GT240 will play this game, but the settings won't be as good. If your PSU is a good 500W model, you'll be able to power a GTX560Ti, and if you have a Phenom II or Sandy Bridge CPU to go with it, you'll be able to play on ultra settings with most of the eye candy turned on.
  5. i was considering buying skyrim and my graphics card is an asus hd7850 direct cu2
  6. You should specify your CPU/RAM. Also tell us your budget.
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