What BIOS do i need to play wow

When I try to play WoW, it'll work fine for about 20 minutes, then my PC will shut down. I think it's my BIOS, it's currently V1.19. Do I need to upgrade/downgrade? If so, please tell.
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  1. I don't see how BIOS can have anything to do with your system shutting down. BIOS is supposed to get the PC up and running, and after that the operating system takes over. I would rather check for high system temperatures or faulty hardware drivers.

    Besides, you've told us precisely nothing about your system specifications.
  2. System specs? What kind of motherboard and PSU?

    And when you say "shut down", what do you mean. Does the system freeze up? Does it just turn itself off? Or does it reset and reboot?
  3. It is WIn7. Do you have problems with other games. I have three gameing PC's that I just installed Win7 64 on all of them and now ALL games will shut the PC down. It just dies, no power at all. It would seem alot of people are having this issue on the net, but THREE identical PC at teh same time on the same day, come on, it has to be Win7. Check this thread out http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/3485-63-shutdown-gaming-win7

    we are discussing this there.
  4. Have you installed the drivers from the manufacturer?

    While at the site check to see if a bios update is available and if it should be done for w7.

    Also be sure to install the DX9c runtime components for W7 as it is necessary for many older games.
    Technically WOW is considered older as compared to W7.
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