Can a bad power supply effect your HDD?

my hard disk

and my power supply

every hard drive i use seems to fail even this one that was new when i bought it started to fail not sure why..

i tested my ram it was all good cpu runs a little high but seems to not be the problem

CPU is a intel core 2 duo 3 ghz

is it possible my hard drive is only failing because of my power supply unit?
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  1. just opened up my PSU and found some orang melted stuff ?
  2. Hmm. Could be a bad power supply and it was providing bad power levels or dirty power on that lead. Finding that orange melted goop is not good. Time to invest in a new one.

    picture of orange goop kinda hard to see
  4. bad power supply may damage everything from motherboard to hard disk. Be very careful.
  5. well i hear the noise from my HDD
  6. hyperr said:
    well i hear the noise from my HDD

    It might be spinning, but it might not be able to read any data.

    Same thing has happened to me, a rocketfish 700W blew one of my seagate 300GB HDD's.
  7. do you think if i replace the PSU my hdd will start running again?
  8. who knows. The only way to know is to test it in another system, or replace the PSU and try it in this system.
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