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Graphics Card Compatibility with CPU

Hi there, so I'm a little new here but something I've been wanting to learn more about picking graphics cards and such. A while back I was looking at graphics cards and was looking at the Radeon HD 6970 and I showed it to a friend and he said that it would be bottle necked by my cpu.

I wanted to learn more about how this worked. At the moment I am running an A8 3850 in dual mode with a Radeon HD 6570 (I think it's running in dual mode anyways). Basically I want to know how far I can go with my current cpu.

Another question I had is I was planning on hooking up a computer with an Athalon II X2 in my families living room as a media center, I was thinking of upgrading my card and placing the 6570 in the other computer. Would it run it fine? Or possibly instead I might take back the 5750 I had before and put that in instead, I'm pretty sure that card is a more powerful card anyways so that might be better. Or would it be possible to run the 5750 in dual mode with my current processor?

Thanks again in advanced and I hope to be a regular member on this site!
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    I'm not up-to-date on the performance of AMD CPUs, but the "CPU bottleneck" problem is related to scene preparing, like computing where all the objects are, including objects which move (like AI or thrown). But once the the scene is completely fed to the GPU, it's rendering time is affected by number of polygons, resolution, AA and more. So with a weak CPU, you could still benefit from a powerful GPU if you have a large screen (or even a 1280x1024 with 4x AA).
    The idea is not "if" it's bottlenecked by CPU, but "how much" performance is wasted on the GPU.
    I just looked for benchmarks, and here is a Guru3D which benchmarks the 6970 with an Athlon II x4 645 (the 3850 seems to be compared to 635, so it would be just a little slower). As you can see, the higher the resolution, the less the CPU matters. But the testing is done at 4xAA (or more).

    PS: Does you friend have a Intel CPU?
  2. Friend? you mean the person who has the 5750? I believe has a 3.0 Ghz Pentium D (dual core)

    So yes it's intel, but an older intel...
  3. Well... that explains a lot....
    Pentium D has much smaler performance than your A8 3850. So if I would make a comparison, he wastes more GPU performance than you buying the 6970. Of course he payed half (or even less) than what you will pay.

    Regarding the 5750, I think "dual GPU" will not work. I saw some "introductions" to your CPU and all "dual GPU" addons were 64xx to 66xx. Those are budget chips, whereas 5750 is the last-gen mainstream chip.
  4. Oh friend... the friend that said it would bottleneck it, no he doesn't have my 5750 and he is not running a Pentium D, I don't know what he's running... The one running pentium D is someone else...
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