Another New Pc on Black Screen


Corsair TX 650W PSU
AMD FX-8120
MSI 870A-G54 FX
MSI HD6450
1x4GB Corsair Blue Vengeance 1600 DDR3
1xIDE WesDig HDD 250GB
2xSATA 500GB HDD Samsung

I just upgraded the MB,CPU,RAM,GPU,all others were in old pc,i followed instructions

i used both 2x4pin 12V on the 8pin slot
i used both the 2pin+22pin on the 24 pin spot

Tried to use 1x4pin to either positions up/down
Tried to reset the CMOS
Tried to change RAM DIMMS spots
Re-installed CPU to ensure golden arrow is in correct spot



Help me please...
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  1. Since you have an FX CPU and the older spec 870 chip set, it is likely the motherboard is not recognizing the CPU. This has been happening a lot. In the old days, the board would simply misidentify the CPU, but still run good enough to update the BIOS. Not so with the FX.

    According to the motherboard CPU list, you need the B2 revision BIOS to support that CPU.

    There are only 3 options that I know of, 1 is to install an older CPU that is compatible with the board and then update the BIOS. Alternately you can try to get the newest revision of that motherboard which can be tricky. Most stores have no idea what the newest is or whether they have it.

    The third option would be to return that board and get one with the 990fx chipset. As far as I know, most of these have had no such issue.
  2. how come they release an FX chipset thats not out of factory supports FX CPUs???Its rediculous aint it???
    I have my old Athlon XP 2800+,can i use that for a quick boot and update drivers?
  3. You need to update the BIOS. It is that .zip file on the right of the list I linked to.

    I don't use MSI motherboards, but there should be a utility on the CD or DVD that came with your motherboard. You could just go ahead and get the system up and running on the old chip, and then use the MSI Windows update tool to do the BIOS. All you would have to do then is reboot once, then shut down, install the FX, and it should boot fine.

    In fairness, they do put the information out there, but they should really have a large banner or some such on the web site that says" ATTENTION FX USERS". Of course they have no idea what CPU you are going to buy, nor does AMD know what motherboard you are going to use.
  4. its absolutely hilarious my friend,that was SUPPOSED to be the reason WHY they made the 870A-G54 in FX production as well as in a non-FX production series,thus the difference in money...In theory the non-FX one can be upgraded through BIOS to host FX CPU,the FX series of the mobo however are MEANT to do what the product series "FX" means...i.e supporting FX CPUs...

    Nevertheless,should my old Athlon XP 2800+ fit in there???
  5. Oops! I forgot that part. The answer would be no to the 2800+. It is old socket A. Only ones on the approved list would be advisable.

    Just curious, there should be a label on the motherboard box that lists the motherboard revision and possibly even the BIOS revision. Does it?
  6. out of the box?where should i look for it?and how the hell are customers supposed to know the revision serial type and their compatability?im so disappointed,honestly i am,coz now i have to pay extra money on a Sempron CPU,money that i should have spent on a better GPU...shame on em,really...i made post on MSI forums,im not gonna drop the issue,its really frustrating...Is there any other possible solution?
  7. There should be a 1x2" or so label on one of the edges of the motherboard box. It should at least list the motherboard part number followed by the revision number. Hopefully the BIOS rev. as well.

    The motherboard P/N and rev. number are also painted on the board itself. Your manual should tell you where this is located.

    Once again, just doing some double checking to see for sure that this is the FX problem.

    I agree that if this board was made to use the FX, it definitely should. However, this could be anything from one that slipped through the cracks, to a mislabeled older board. Who knows.
  8. inside the mobo,has a label : MS-7599VER:3.1

    on the box has a label with S/N and some other number 911-7599-069

    oh,forgot to mention,says "Supports FX AM3+ Processors" all over... :non: :non: :non:
  9. It also has this on it's web site.


    • 64bit AMD® FX, Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2, Athlon II X4/X3/X2 and Sempron CPU.

    Please refer to CPU Support for compatible CPU; the above description is for reference only.

    Since you have been through Tom's troubleshooting guide completely, this was the only option left. It still does not tell me this has the updated BIOS since they list older versions on the web site.

    At any rate, that leaves either a dead mobo or vid card. MSI vid cards are of pretty good quality, but not so much on the motherboards which is why I stopped using them. Other than swapping out parts, there is little else to do unless you wish to take it to a shop and have them look at it which will surely cost something.
  10. Thank you really much for your help,i really appreciate it.
    I have one more question.If i take the PC on a store and say they boot it with another AM3 CPU to upgrade the BIOS and then i want to OC it and it stucks,when i reset the BIOS bridge,will it go to the original factory BIOS version or will keep the one they will upgrade to?
  11. Yes. Resetting the BIOS to defaults will negate the overclock. It is a good rule of thumb to run a machine at stock for 24 hours or so after first boot. I then like to "burn it in" for a couple of hours or so using either benchmarking software, or something like Prime95.

    If all passes that, then start with a mild overclock for a few hours. You can then tweak it up as high as it will run stably.
  12. thanks for that info i will use it seriously.
    Im asking however,each time that i will clear the CMOS data,will it return to the factory (so the non-supporting) BIOS version,OR the one that i have updated it to?
  13. When you reset the BIOS, it will revert to the default settings of the version that is in there.

    When you update the BIOS, it replaces the older version.

    edit: Most BIOS programs now a days also have an option to back up your old BIOS before updating. That way you can restore if the newer version causes issues. You can accomplish the same by downloading an old version and keeping it handy.
  14. Thank you so much for all this,all i will do is go get me the Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 for just 20$ more and pay 10$ on a IDE->Sata PCI Slot...I think that will do the job right... ;)
  15. You will still have to update the bios most likely. I got the 990FX Sabertooth when the boards first came out. and when FX released i got FX. I put it in and computer turned on nothing on the screen. I researched for 2 weeks and realized i had only 1 thing to do, put my 955 Phenom in and update it. So after doing this FX works. But now i regret getting FX, i should have gotten Core I5 instead of FX 6100.

    Also if you ever have to update Bios. just go to your local Tech store, like Micro center or any other little mom and pop computer stores. Tell them you need to borrow a CPU to update your bios. they should fully understand.
  16. i wouldnt want to argue over the choice of i5 vs 6100...thats why i chose the 8120,mainly for extreme multitasking/surfing/skyping/while gaming and im happy for the extreme OC that this 8-core CPU offers me...Back to the subject,the guys @ the store told me that the Giga 990XA-UD3 has a l r e a d y New AM3+ CPU Bios Installed,whereas the the 990XA-D3 or D5 doesnt...As a matter of fact,the mono box has a new sticker on that says exactly that : ""New AM3+ CPU Bios Installed""...If this wont work either,i swear im gonna start loading my Rambo Gun n pay some idiots a visit... :love:
  17. I agree it should not be so hard. I was a long time AMD user since the 386dx40. But I go with whatever works best at the time I build. For me right now, the i3-2100 is the ticket. Handles everything I throw at it. It is only dual core, but with the multi-threading, it acts like a quad.

    BTW, Tom's really already solved the AMD vs. Intel question, at least for gaming.,3106-5.html

    As for multitasking and programs that can take advantage of muticore, AMD is still a viable option. Anandtech has this interesting little tool.

    The IDE card should work fine. Just make sure it is compatible with Win 7.
  18. Update : Although the Mobo was changed and again re-connected everything,the problem remains...So its either :

    1.Both mobos need update before applying FX CPU on (which i find rediculous for 2 different brands to act like newbs) and even though the 990X-UD3 i bought is revisited edition 1.1 (not 1.0)

    2.Graphics card was DOA

    3.CPU was DOA

    4.RAM was DOA

    However,both the CPU and the GPU fans run...

    Damn its so frustrating :fou: :fou: :fou:
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