Average Gamer build - please rate

I'm going to build my computer with these parts, would it be good for an average gamer?

AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Zambezi 3.6Ghz 8MB Cache AM3+
AMD Heatsink and Fan Included
ASUS M5A97 (AMD 970, 2xPCI-E 6xSATA, 4xDDR3)
8GB (4GBx2) PC3 10666 DDR3 1333Mhz Memory Lifetime Warranty
1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA3 (Major Brand)
24X LG SATA Dual Layer DVD /-RW/CDRW w/Nero
1GB GeForce GTX 550Ti GDDR5 PCI-E Dual-DVI/HDMI (Major Brand)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Apevia Black X-Dreamer 3 (4 5.25, 5 3.5) 3 Fans, Front Audio/USB/eSATA
500watt Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus
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  1. I have an AMD CPU, but I am now advising all potential builders to go with Intel. Get the i5-2500k if you can, or the i3-2120 if that's more within your budget.

    Ditch that GTX 550 Ti and get the Radeon 6870. Much more power for around the same price.

    For the PSU, I would recommend you stick with Corsair, Antec, or Seasonic brands.
  2. Sounds like a prebuilt from across the pond. What is the total price for this and do you get Windows with it?
    What games do you expect to play? What monitor do you intend to use?
  3. It's good, but could be nicier.
    For games Intel usually go better.
  4. if you have a fairly high budget, do with intel, my next build going to use AMD only because pricing and the fact i HAVE to be able to use IDE, but anyway, go with intel on this one, the pentium g860 (i think, cant remember if that or g680, something liek that) could do as well if not better than the FX in some cases. And that 550Ti is a pretty good card usually, depends on what your budget is, and what model you get, some 550Ti's are overclocked more by the manufacturer and have more performance than others. also the 6870 (on newegg) is actually like 20-30$ more than an average 550Ti, so again it depends on budget.
  5. I'd swap from AMD CPU to Intel and from Nvidia to AMD of the GPU. Also 8 gb is overkill still unless you run multiple instances. You'd be better off with 4gb of much faster stuff than 8 gb of the slow stuff.
  6. u might want to do more price/performance research before you switch video cards..
    4gb or 8gb would both work well. 8gb is more if u run lots of stuff that uses ram all at once.
  7. Nvidea all the way
  8. It's a nice build IMO but it's not very solid. First of all u have to get a better gpu. AMD has better ones in that price range. I have a sapphire 6850 and it's better than most people think. I run it without OC'ing and get 40ish fps on BF3 high setings 1920 x 1080. Secondly the CPU. With that money u can get a nice i3-2100 and it will perform better. not by a lot, but better is better.

    AMD Phenom II x4 970 (stock) / Sapphire 6850 / G. Skill 8gig low voltage / Samsung 1TB HDD / ASUS m5a87 / Corsair cx600 / Rosewill Challenger
  9. ^ pretty sure the 6850 isnt much better than 550ti and it costs average 15-30$ more...
  10. mildgamer001 said:
    ^ pretty sure the 6850 isnt much better than 550ti and it costs average 15-30$ more...

    Actually Toms puts the 6850 a tier higher than the 550 Ti, puts the 550 Ti on par with the 6770.


    But you're right, the 6850 is $20-30 more.
  11. ..hm, ill take a look at that. always thought the 550 was pretty overpowered for the price..
  12. Actually it's quite the opposite with the 550 ti being rather underpowered vs the competition from AMD.
  13. the cpu is good, you will be able to have playable rate with it anyways, no need for intel, imo if your going intel just my honest opinion, those at i5 or above are best, but if its bang for buck, i5 2500K or the i5 2300/2400 non K if you can't spare some cash but hey they ain't that bad, but i do agree amd 6850 is actually very good, 6850/6870 in my opinion goes up there with 560ti well price/performance wise its really good, you can stick with that build and just replace those useless gpu to 6870, if you plan to over clock it go with cooler master hyper 212 evo, oh and if i were you ditch that psu, go grab some nice seasonic or corsair or antec 500w or so
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