Windows can not reconize my graphics card

I got a new SAPPHIRE RADEON 5670 HD card and i replaced it with old NvIdia 8400gs.I also uninstalled old drivers from old gpu.However the card didnt came with instalation CD and when i downloaded drivers for this card from ATI site it still did not work.It didnt install anything at all and when i run dxdiag all informations about card is N/A.Windows can not find any drivers for this card it doesnt even reconize what kind of card it is.Can my onboard card cause this problem ?Or am i completely lost? Will reinstalling a fresh windows solve this? And i checked also connection graphics card is connected fine and fans are working so where is the problem? Thanks for reply
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  1. how is your monitor pluged in? if its going through the card then its working but if its not then its not, try taking it out and reinstalling it and also install the drivers again from the AMD website.
  2. my monitor is not pluged in to my graphics card because when it was my monitor had black screen so i had to connect it in to different connector and i finally could see display.I think when i connect it to GPU it will happen again or not?
  3. Try disabling On-board VGA from mobo's BIOS.
  4. i tried when i run BIOS this option is grey colored and i can not choose it i dont know why propably i have too old motherboard
  5. you will need to install the drivers and disable to onboard graphics. then plug it into the new card.

    remove the card, and reinstall it. reboot and try again.
  6. 1.i can not install those drivers i dont know why i run installation it finishes but no driver is installed
    2.still when im in BIOS onboard graphics is set Auto and i can not change it
    3.when i pluged it then in to new card monitor would not turn on
    4.i tried removing card and rebooting-nothing happened

    Should i reinstall whole windows and then install drivers? Or can i find file with download of CD which is normally included when someone buys a graphics card
  7. download driver sweeper run it and remove all video drivers and then rerun the driver installation for your new card.
  8. ok but when i uninstall all drivers will my screen work? also one friend told me to reset BIOS could it work? other one says my PCI-E slot is dead however my old GPU 8400gs is working there so problem is not there.I was also thinking about that graphics i bought is dead but i hope not because fan is spining and it seems to be working.
  9. when you uninstall the drivers you will not lose your screen as it would go very low resolution and be rather sluggish but once you finish the driver install and reboot, you should be able to plug into the card and have it work.

    resetting the BIOs isn't going to do anything unless you changed it.
  10. Well now i have big problem i can not run that driver sweeper its an issue with .NET framework it says - Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application.
    However my computer has .NET framework 4.5 mhhm strange looks like my computer is very bad. Any other way to uninstall it?
  11. wow i run driver sweeper and my mobo? reinstalls intel graphic chipset, and blocks my attempts to install new drivers. my new board is a vt5670. i think its a crap card
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