Any ideas what i can upgrade to?

Ok so im running two Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5870's and im going to upgrade because someone is buying them.
does anyone out there have any suggestions on whats good on the market right now, most of the time i dont like buying something that no one has tried yet. Im not really familar with Nvidia but if someone makes a suggestion to it ill look into it.

So what should i upgrade to that will be far better that my two 5870s that i have right now. thank you very much

system specs.
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T OC to 3.6Ghz
MOBO:ASUSTeK Crosshair V
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB DDR5 (X2 crossfire)
PSU: Corsair 850W
if you need anything else please feel free to ask
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  1. I think upgrading to 6950 x2 or a 7970 would be what you'd be doing.

    I think the 7970 would be a good choice.
  2. I was just looking at the 6950s, do you know of any reliable brands or would it not be a SUPER big difference
  3. it wouldn't make a huge difference but if you buy from newegg its always nice to check the comments and reviews.
    I think sapphire is probably one of the best for AMD cards tho.
  4. I've got one 5850, and I don't bother replacing it with one 6970 because of too small performance upgrade for the money. I'm waiting for the 79x0s.
  5. 2 x 6950 will be a fairly small upgrade over 2 x 5870. The 6950's scale much better than the 5870's but the difference is small enough that its hard to recommend. It's a great combo though and probably your best bet if you can't wait. I think Sapphire has a nice reference 6950 with the dual-bios switch.

    But I would totally wait a couple weeks for the 7970 to become available. Try one of those (they'll be expensive) and get a 2nd later if you like. All indications are the 7970 is going to be a LOT faster than the 6970 (and it better be considering its price!).
  6. get the 7970 for now, then xfire at a later date ; the 6950 xfire wouldnt yield big enough gains to justify the money spent
  7. yea thats has been my problem when i got this card, because its to powerful to really try to upgrade because of the unnecessary price for a GPU 6xxx seires card. But the 7970 looks flipping crazy! thats probally what i go with in the near future.

    does anyone know the release date of the 7970 i cant find it on AMDs web site? or is it already out?
  8. its going to be jan 9th to be released so its quite soon
  9. Sweet looks like i know what im saving up for. It was ether a new video card or HDD, and because of the price climb in hard drives and me not wanting to deal with Raid arrays for SSDs, this seems like the best option for an upgrade. Other than the new Eight core CPU from AMD.
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