New GPU, I dont think power supply can run it?

Helo all, I just bought a nvidia Geforce gtx 560, as an upgrade over my old gpu. THe power supple I have is a DiabloTek PSDA400 DA Series 400-Watt . which deoesnt have the 6 pin auxiliary power cables that the gtx 560 needs. Do I need to buy a new psu or can I just buy the cables seperatly?
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  1. you will need a new PSU the gtx 560 requires a minimum of 450W, i can help you find some suitable PSU's if you give me a price range.
  2. I just have a question, do the higher psu's have twwo 6 pin auxilary cables needd to power the psu?
  3. some will the is a massive variety, the PSU that im using now has Two 6 pin power connecters.
  4. Yea im looking to get around 600w, should have everything I need.
  5. well i have the OCZ mod extreme Pro 600W it has one 6 pin and one 6+2 pin power connectors and it has modular cabling, although a lot of people dont recommend OCZ PSU's but iv had no problems with mine.
  6. have a look at the corsair TX650M.

    edit *i wont be able to reply for a few hours, going out*
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