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13th Monkey was really helpful, where do I select his replies as the best replies?
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  1. You'll never know :kaola:
  2. by clicking on BEST ANSWER.
  3. thanks, I appreciate the sentiment.

    it may be you didn't select the topic as a question, just as a discussion, a discussion has no best answer, i don't think it can be changed afterwards.
  4. you have to ask a question when making your posts currently you have it set on conversation. check the tabs on the create new topic bar... the 1 you used to make this thread...
    but because you have already submitted it as a discussion you will have to ask a mod to change the topic type to question. only then can you select best answer.
  5. in this forum i've noticed everyone help alot with thier bests.
  6. I would say that its not just me that needs thanks, in general there are a good 2-3 dozen who put a lot of thought into helping, there are others that are learning, and those that went before and aren't here any more.
  7. A BANANA will also do, if I'm not mistaken. At least if we ever want to read Shakespeare here. :D
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