Will my Radeon fit in this case?


I have a Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3 case, and before I buy, I am wondering if my Radeon 6870 will fit in the case.

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    Since you didn't mention which radeon 6870 (they can have different cooler lengths/slightly different widths) I will use this 6870 as an example:

    The cards dimensions:

    1.50"x 4.96" x 11.42" (W x H x D)

    Your case:

    Your case's dimensions:

    7.48” x 17.08”x 18.5” (W x H x D)

    Card + case:
    1.50"x 4.96" x 11.42" 6870
    7.48” x 17.08”x 18.5” case

    No problem. A 6870 will fit as long as it's not some strange mod.
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