550Ti Underperforming.

Ok, so, since my last thread was locked for piracy (I wasn't promoting piracy or anything), I might as well make a new thread and be more straight to the point.

I got a 550Ti for xmas, ASUS 550Ti (The lower end one), and we both have exactly the same hardware bar the motherboard and RAM (RAM have same speeds/timings, I have more RAM and different brand. My motherboard is an AMD 760G, his is an nVidia 7025.)

These are my GPU clocks:

the rest of my hardware:

3DMark11 score:
Note: The 3DMark11 score was with the card at stock clocks.

FurMark 1.8.5 score:

My friend has a 1920x1080 monitor, and mine is 1280x1024.

The problem is that my friend gets almost constant 60FPS in MW3 at 1920x1080, and I pretty much get constant 40-45FPS at 1280x1024. Although my copy of MW3 is cracked (Probably mentioning that got my thread locked, but that's a bit unfair.), I still don't expect that vast a difference in framerates. It's not only MW3 that I have problems with, it's also with Battlefield 3, Skyrim, DiRT 3, Borderlands and Just Cause 2 (All of which I own legitimately, so don't say it's all because of cracks etc). I also get TERRIBLE performance in OpenGL games such as Minecraft, Alien Arena, Sauerbraten and RuneScape. Minecraft and RuneScape a re probably the worst affected. RuneScape gets 30FPS normally, then drops to 20FPS when moving the camera. Minecraft gets roughly 40FPS but drops to between 20FPS and 30FPS whenever I start doing something.

The friend with the almost identical rig to me, gets perfect performance with all his games (120+FPS in Minecraft, not checked with RuneScape). He doesn't have Battlefield 3, DiRT 3 or Just Cause 2, but he gets at least 40FPS at his resolution on Skyrim and Borderlands.

I checked nVidia's optimal playable settings for each of my games, and I am supposed to get average 46FPS on Battlefield 3 maxed settings on my resolution, however, I can hardly manage to reach 46FPS at "High" with no AA at 1280x720. At 1280x1024, I still fall 10-30FPS below what my framerates should be according to nVidia's optimal playable settings.

Skyrim in particular seems to have problems too, whenever I go near water, my framerate drops from 30FPS to around 15FPS.

I have no clue as to why this is happening besides the possiblity of a hardware fault.

Here's what I have tried:
Reinstalling drivers (Several times)
Clearing CMOS
Rebooting (Duh)
Reseating the GPU and power cables
Closing ALL programs that aren't in use.
Running a virus scan (ESET NOD32)
Defragmenting (Defraggler)
Cleaning the registry and temp folders (CCleaner)
Trying the nVidia beta drivers
Outdated drivers from the ASUS website
IOBit Game Booster

If there's anything else I can try, please let me know.
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  1. Any problems you have may well be due to using pirated software and it's a violation of the ToS to ask for or to give you any help with that.
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