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Hi. I've witnessed several registered users participating in trolling activities in the news comments threads and was very annoyed that we don't have a "Report" button there for some reason. Can it be added there? It will come in handy in reporting trolling or registered spambots.
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  1. There is actually a report function. It's the yellow triangle warning sign button next to the thumbs down button.
  2. Indeed, but not while viewing the page as a forum thread. Still, good to know that there's at least something. Thanks for the info and feel free to kill this thread... though, a "Report" button while viewing a page as a forum thread would be handy.
  3. Ah yes, you're right. The link is missing from it's usual near-invisible spot.
  4. So could it be fixed, in theory?
  5. Oh there it is!!! I've been looking for it for awhile :lol:
  6. It's actually pretty silly, because if I view the comments on the forums, I can edit but can't report, and if I view them under the news article (from the main page), I can report but not edit. Could Tom's somehow have the same buttons in BOTH views? :heink:
  7. I'll request a fix for this on the wishlist of items to be worked on post-update.
  8. Thanks!
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