Pc won't turn on after hd 5450 installed

Motherboard - 915g combo ms-7058 ver 1
hdd - 80gb western digital
ram x2 512mb - ddr1
cpu 2.8 ghz p4 prescott
gpu - xfx hd 4550 / sapphire hd 5450
psu - 550w xfx pro
cooler - coolmaster hyper tx3

I have a problem, after taking out my hd 4550 xfx and installing a hd5450 the pc won't boot.
when i press the power button i hear the psu and fans turn on for a split second and dyes.
and turns on again and dyes again, this repeats forever. no beeping noise.

If i take out the hd5450 and install back my original card hd4550 it boots fine everything works.

It isn't the psu as i ran it through a power tester.
Gave a friend my card to install into his pc and it works not a defective card.

ran every test i can tried a different psu 350w same results.
tests done are psu 550w & 350w just hd5450 , cooler , cpu, hdd. - both same tries to power it. dyes and restarts.
psu 550w & 350w - hd4550 , cooler, cpu , hdd - both boot normally. also cleared cmos same result

Its either motherboard doesn't support the hd5450 or motherboard short circuiting somewhere trying to draw enough power for hd5450. only thing i can think of.

Need some help
thx in advance
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  1. Try updating all motherboards drivers?
  2. Try removing everything from your motherboard except gpu ie drives, usb, etc

    Make sure all 24 pins on your psu are connected and the cover on the last 4 pins is removed.

    If it still has the same problem then it's unlikely a power issue ( you have more then enough anyway)

    Next using older gpu put the bios setting's back to default

    If it still has issues updating the bios is the only other thing I can think of. Your motherboard is compatible with that card.

    Good Luck
  3. I did that.
    had mobo gpu hd5450 psu cpu and cooler hdd - the power turned on for a second and cuts then restarts that procedure again.

    if i have mobo gpu hd4550 psu cpu and cooler, hdd it boots fine.
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