Should I buy a GTX 285 in 2012?


I need some quick advice. I have a Core2 Q6600 and a GTX260 (216). I see someone is locally selling an EVGA GTX285 for $100.00. Is it worth upgrading at that price? I play Left 4 Dead 2, BF2, AvP, Farcry 2. I'll prob pickup BF3 when it comes down in price. I have a 700watt PS. THanks.
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  1. Not really especially since it's used. A lot less powerful than a gtx 460 which you could get for like 30 - 50 bucks more, and not really a lot more powerful than your current gpu. I'd pass.
  2. @holdingholder Okay, thanks. I'll take your advice and wait until I really need to upgrade and then pickup a GTX560. I think the 560 draws less juice too, I know it has DX11 but from what I've seen so far, that extra feature is not so special.
    Hopefully prices will come down again with the release of the 600 series in the next few month. My only other concern is bottlenecking a 460 or 560 with my old Q6600.
  3. Yeah, not worth it.
    Is the Q6600 overclocked?
  4. jyjjy said:
    Yeah, not worth it.
    Is the Q6600 overclocked?

    Stock, no luck overclocking in the bios on a 680LT board. It's a GO stepping, I wish I could overclock. The MB is stable as hell otherwise I would have replaced it long ago.
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