To all triple screen experts...

im thinking of getting 3 screens to play bf3(right now) maybe higher games later, maybe more like 720 or 1080p would be preferable, at 60Hz, im playing right now at 80 FPS(notes: (MAXED OUT) 1080p 60Hx, x2 32IN screen, first 1080p, second 720p( i always play with a YouTube video or sometimes minecraft in background playing)) and was a console gamer so i now how to play at 30FPS (i just dont care to much) right now i got

CPU: AMD Phenom II 6x(im thinking about overclocking it, its water cooled)
GPU: 2x Nvidea GTX570 800MHz(coreclock) 1280MB GDDR5 (SLI)
RAM: 8GB (never maxed it out) 1333 DDR3....
Main storage: Corsair Force3 120GB(my average R/W is 425/s benchmark)
Secondary storage: Seagate 1TB Scorpio 7200rpm....

ok so right now i got one of my video card has a PhysX, that what Nvidea defaults to(but i never had the time to make more tests)
i think i got enough graphical power(not sure) and GDDR5, i think i need a new processor actually, but i dont know if NOW is the time for it
cuss im thinking of playing arma3 which i cant even play the second(MAXED OUT)

im thinking of buying:
x3 ASUS VE278Q 27IN Widescreen LCD Monitor 1920X1080 LED Backlit 10M:1DC 2MS DisplayPort DVI-D VGA HDMI

***what i really want to know, is if BF3 supports 3 monitors correctly and does not try to stretch or zoom like MW2 if i remember well, i want a larger vision, not only a cool looking triple monitor setup***
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  1. Nvidea!!!!

    I think's its going to be fine, but maybe you need to lower the settings a bit to get a big fps.
  2. go into the nvidia control panel and make the physx run off the cpu instead of the cards.
  3. I would check youtube for videos of people playing the games your interested in. I am a huge TF2 player, and thought I wanted to get eyefinity for it. Until I saw the youtube videos and saw the fisheye/bubble effect it gives.

    You haven't listed any games that support GPU accelerated PhysX, so I'd turn that off on the second GTX570. Just do normal SLI and you should be able to run 3 monitors and max out just about anything.
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