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About a week ago there was a powerstorm on my town and power lines went crazy, any way, after that my brother's pc started to have a set of hardware failures and i still can't find the specific piece that went bad, (btw the pc doesn't have any kind of voltage protection) the first failure was just random complete hangs (the kind that the mouse doesn't even move), typical RAM failure right? well, we bought a new ram... and same issue, we removed the video card (should've done that before buying ram), and ran the system with IGP, and the random hangs stopped, but get weird colors (like driver crash) and reboots when doing some stuff (like flash video, normal video playback) by that time with all this reboots and hangs the start of windows is so damaged that pc won't boot again and it can't repair it, i did a full hdd wipe and fresh windows install before all this to get software out of the question, and no good... anyway i'm pretty sure that the video card is good (ran FurMark and a vMem test and no problems), also ran prime 95 and super pi for cpu test and no problem, however, ran a cpu test called OCCT and get an immediate reboot (wich might indicate that cpu is bad)...

i think that the mobo has gone bad, or the cpu or both, i want your opinion to be sure, next week i'l be able to test another cpu on this motherboard, and this cpu on another motherboard...
btw this mobo is pretty bad quality... (Biostar)

System Specs are:
Cpu: AMD Phenom x4 9550
Mobo: Biostar MCP6P M2+
Video Card: PNY Geforce 275
Ram: Kingston 2gb
PSU: Fatal1ty 700w

So i don't want to spend money on a whole new system, i rather just buy a new mobo or whatever is just needed, right now the pc is working with IGP but get graphics drivers crash every now and then, mostly when playing video...
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  1. Have you tested the power supply?
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    You've narrowed it down to just about the board or the PSU. But try resetting the BIOS before you give up. Turn off the PSU, Remove the cmos battery, jumper the CLR CMOS pins for about 10 seconds, replace the battery, turn on the PSU and reboot to BIOS. You will have to reset the parameters in the BIOS to your liking, of course.
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  4. Thnx for your help, cmos reset didn't help, bought a new mobo and all was solved, when i got the other mobo out of the case and with good lightning i could see de vrm area darker than the rest of the board (brownish) so it definitely was that, thanks for your help! :)
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