Good PSU for a single 6950 and AMD 965 B.E.

Just ordered some parts to build a computer! Can't wait, but I'm having trouble finding a $40-$60 PSU.
I want to, if possible, unlock the 6950 I get to a 6970.
Do you guys think this PSU is good

If not what do you guys recommend?
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  2. The ocz one looks good but the reviews don't look too good.
  3. Fullmetalx said:
    The ocz one looks good but the reviews don't look too good.

    The PC P&C unit that he linked in the other link is a great one. That would be my choice out of the ones linked here.
  4. Okay cool I think I'll go with the PC P&C one. Its 500W. Should it be able to hand me potentially unlocking the 6950 to a 6970 and maybe over locking my CPU a bit?
  5. If you do both and OC to the hilt on both, it would be cutting a bit too close for me, but it should work just fine for just a CPU OC and the 6950 as it is.

    Not sure you'll be able to unlock anyway (I think I remember reading somewhere that the newer 6950's CAN'T be unlocked), so that may not even be an issue.
  6. Alright then, thanks for the help! Ordering now.
  7. Read through the reviews and some of the bad ones should not even be there. I trust jonnyguru's reviews better than user reviews on Newegg
    PC P&C is currently an OCZ company.
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