Is AMD TurboCore 2.0 Running

If this is a repeat thread I'm sorry I don't get on here much unless I have a question.

I have a computer that I built a few months ago. It was never meant to be a gaming computer. But another light gaming computer (dell XPS Gen 4, very old) died so I decided to see if it would work. So far it works great the A6-3500 runs everything I've tried.

My question is, I had to cut cost in a lot of places one being the motherboard. (ASRock A55M-HVS) It doesn't say anywhere that this MOBO supports TurboCore 2.0 but dose it still run or is that specific only to higher end motherboards?
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  1. run prime 95, and get cpu-z, if its running above 2.1GHz turbo core is active
  2. be sure to use only one active thread, and the test works best if u can keep the cpu cool before the test by not running any heavy load before prime95 starts:)
  3. Thank you. I will run the tests later tonight (or this morning rather) and post my results.

    As for temps just to post some. It's in a mini tower case (IN WIN BL631.300TBL) with stock cooler, one 80mm case fan, and the PSU fan. When playing L4D2 for 1 hour it hit 32C with stock cooler and the fans turned way down. The cooler however dose draws air directly from the outside of the case.
  4. heat shouldnt be an issue, its just to know turbo core is running, its easiest to run a stress test and check if its running above its specified speed
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