Can't find a case I want

I don't really have a budget in mind, but I'd prefer to find a case under 100 dollars with the following details:

No top fan
Solid black design
No side window
Front USB 3.0
Mid tower
Nothing flimsy

I was looking into the Antec 302 but the top fan is a huge turnoff. Been searching newegg, amazon, google, and others, but everything with USB 3.0 seems to come with a hole in the top. I stack plenty on my computers so it seems that I'm forced to buy... unless someone has something in mind.
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  1. I did a ton of research and bought a black Fractal Design Define R3 mid tower. I dont remember what I paid for it, but it was under 100. I wanted something quiet without sacrificing cooling that could accomodate a large psu and gpu(s). I love it but they can be a little bit tough to find as they seem to sell out pretty quick (on Newegg at least).

    It is solid metal except for the front door which is plastic (good build quality tho). It has ports for watercooling in the back. It has quality sound dampening material on the inside, yet it is quite cool and it has tons of options for fans. If you want to add a fan, you just remove a panel (that also has sound dampening material on it) and go to work.

    It can accommodate 2x front fans 120mm (1 included), 1x side fan 120/140 mm, 2x top fans 120/140 mm, 1x rear fan 120mm (included), 1 bottom fan 120/140mm, and a slot for a psu fan in the bottom with a screen.

    The new generation of these cases has a usb 3.0 port in the front panel. The only negatives I have: there was a 5.5 to 3.5 drive bay converter built into one of the front bays that I had to pry off and destroy, cable management is a bit tight on the side panel but it is doable; I had barely enough room to close the side after I was done. I'm very, very happy with it.
  2. Lian Li Lancool PC-K9
    Lian Li PC-9F
  3. NZXT H2 Classic:

    It has USB 3.0, No side window, in the top of the case you can 1 fan, but is optional. Its a great case under 100 dollars, but the design may not be for everyone.
    It's a silent case.

    Here's a unboxing of this case, you can see the features: Linsustechtips
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