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ok im building a pc and need to know if the gtx560ti will play fsx on high - ultra high with good fps with a i3 2100 ive heard its pretty good with the 560ti and i7 but i7 is too expensive at the moment will it have good frames with this plus good graphics i havent seen any videos with the i3 only i7 and 560ti so yeah please tell me
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  1. As FSX is not all that demanding, you should be able to run at High settings (or better) just fine with a GTX560ti and i3. You shouldn't have any issues at all in terms of playability.
  2. so you rekon it will be sweet with those two beacuase i heard it pretty much depponds on cpu more than the gpu
  3. Yea you are right i played it yesterday, idk if you want to get a lowend core i5. but the Core i3 should be plenty. the thing that supprised me is the game recommends 6gb of ram.
  4. what where i read it only needed 512mb but i plan on getting 8 gigs so i should be sweet so what are you running
  5. The system requirements for FSX are actually pretty low (see link below):


    My father-in-law flys at high/ultra on an AMD Athlon 5000+ with 4GB RAM with an AMD HD4650 just fine.
  6. ok so do rekon this will have good frames plus grafics i32100 gtx560ti
  7. Yes you will be fine. i3 and GTX 560 ti will be more than enough to handle Flight Simulator
  8. actualy i mite get a i52400 do rekon it will be beter
  9. i5-2400 will be better. However as previously mentioned, FSX isn't all that demanding so the i3 would work just fine.

    i5-2400, H61 mobo, GTX 560Ti would be a really nice set up :)

    Jump up the price range a little more, and get i5-2500k (over-clockable), Z68 motherboard and GTX 560Ti.

    Tone it down a little, but allow for future upgrades....

    i3-2100, Z68 motherboard, GTX 560Ti.

    Cheapest option,

    i3-2100, H61 motherboard, GTX 560Ti.

    EDIT: If you post us a budget and let us know what websites/country your buying the components from, I'm sure we can come up with a build to suit your needs :) a build advice template can be found here: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice
  10. ok thanks my budget could be anything at the moment realy but its my first build and i dont wana look like a dick and buy everything expensive i want to have a great graphics card like the 560ti since ive heard its good but i could get a beter one if its worth it around the same price um i think the i5 will be enough and i dont know anything else im getting but i want to be able to play fsx on ultra high or high with good fps also im in new zealand thanks:)
  11. "More" PC is always better, in general, when it comes to the playability of both current and future games. Build the rig you can afford and have fun!
  12. do you rekon the i5 2500 will be good for call of duty mw2
  13. west171 said:
    do you rekon the i5 2500 will be good for call of duty mw2

    Yes, it will play just fine, especially if you get the 2500k version and overclock it a bit.
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