Urgent! Something is killing my monitors….

System Info
Mobo: ASUS M5A97
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 830 2.8Ghz
PSU: Corsair CX600 600W
Graphics: XFX Radeon HD 6770 1Gb
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
Mem: Kingston 4gb RAM
I’ve recently built a computer and it seems that it has killed 2 of my monitors. Both were LCD’s and they both seemed to have failed under the same set of circumstances.

For the first monitor, I had been playing games for a couple of hours and then shut down the computer and went to sleep. The next time I booted the computer, nothing was showing. I tried powering off the monitor and switching it back on, but all I got a white screen, with the monitor power showing “green” and then reverting back to “yellow” for standby and the screen turning black. I powered down the computer and disconnected the monitor. I then hooked up another monitor, powered the whole setup, and everything seemed fine. Twice during the day, I put the computer in sleep mode and had no issues bringing it back out of sleep mode. Later that night, after a couple hours of games again, I powered everything off and turned in for the night. The next morning, I switched on the computer and I ran into the same issue. In neither case were there any indications that a failure would happen. Everything was fine until I shut down and tried to power on the next day. Both monitors were running at the default 60Hz refresh rate, and both were within their supported resolutions.

In both cases, the monitors still have power, so I don’t believe that’s the issue. I think it’s safe to say that both monitors are now dead since I have tested them with another computer in the house and have gotten the same results.

The POST is still okay on my computer, as the motherboard gives a single beep, signaling that everything is okay. I can hear the fans start up and continue without a problem, and I’m pretty sure the computer still proceeds all the way to the windows log on screen.

It should be noted that both of the monitors were rather old, but had not shown any signs of potential failure or any problems in all the years they have been used with the older desktop in the house.

And now I’m too afraid to go out and buy a monitor to continue testing by trial and error. Could this just be a horrible coincidence? Sorry for making such a long post. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Your computer, as powerful as you may feel it is, should not have the ability to kill a monitor simply by connecting a video input to it. :P

    If the monitors are dead, I don't know what to say other than to see if they were still under warranty and, if they were, send them off and pay your respects. As far as a new monitor, if it were to die it surely would be covered under warranty.

    Before you run out and buy one, I'd do some more research (gogo google) to see if anyone has had similar issues with the same products. Would be a good place to start. Also, you could contact tech support for the companies that made the monitors.
  2. Okay. Thanks for the help!
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