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Powercolor HD6850 BartsPro 1GB GDDR5 or Sapphire HD6790 1GB

I am planning to buy a graphic card and a little confuse which one to buy....

Powercolor Radeon HD 6850 Barts Pro 1 GB GDDR5 Video Card - Indian Rs. 9,575
GPU Radeon HD 6850
GPU Code Name Barts Pro
Core Clock 775 MHz
Stream Processors 960
Fabrication Process 40 nm
Memory Size 1 GB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Interface 256 bit
Effective Memory Clock 1000 MHz


Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6790 1GB GDDR5 - Indian Rs. 8,400
GPU Radeon HD 6790
Core Clock 775 MHz
GPU Code Name Barts LE
Core Clock 840 MHz
Stream Processors 800
Fabrication Process 400 nm
Memory Size 1 GB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Interface 256 bit
Effective Memory Clock 4200 MHz

Need some advice...,please............
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  1. Fabrication process 400nm for 6790?????? What an old GPU??!!??!?!

    Get the Powercolor 6850 my friend... The prices ain't far but the performance is.
  2. don't buy 6850 OC C/P good.
  3. the 6790 isnt that great of a product it puts out way to much heat and noise, and requires way to much power for its limited capabilities, just get the 6850, it will run quieter and have better performance.
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    what is your psu's model? how many amps does your psu have on it's +12v rail?
    i think the 6790 is die-harvested from 6870 gpus. they share the same tdp, only lower specs. right now they are amd's lowest specced 256 bit card. 6790 gfx cards require 2 pcie connectors. they use more power on load (compared to a 6850).
    on the other hand, 6850 is the most powerful gfx card that requires one pcie connector. it has lower tdp - 127w. it uses lower power on load (compared to 6790) but performs better than a 6790. lower power consumption also means less heat, less heat means less noise as the cooler has to work less.
    btw, both gpus are built on 40 nm fabrication process.
    now it comes down to brand. i don't know much about it's review. but strictly in terms of price and general performance, the 6850 is better.
    here's an excerpt from the 6790 review:

    the link:,2917.html
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  6. Thanks for all your advice.... i will surely go for radeon hd6850
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