Intel core i7 2600K build

Core Build:

Intel core i7 2600K ( 3.4 ghz,quad core, hyper thread, APU)
8GB Ripjaw DDR3
Ocz vertex 4 128GB SSD
Asus P8P67 pro motherboard (but would like to save is possible)
Evga GeForce GT 430 (700 MHz clock, I GB Ram, 96 Cuda cores, 1400 MHz memory and shader)
--not for any game playing, but will need to support at least three monitors between graphics and APU
Coolmaster Hyper 212 for overclocking regularly around 4 ghz. Would be willing to upgrade for higher cooling performance.

We already have the Thermaltake RX1, which has good cooling and layout.

Any suggestions on how to improve the computers performance?
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  1. Yes, if you want to run 3 monitors.... get a GT 640 or a GTX 670
  2. GT 545 is about the same price as the much slower GT 430 and the GT 640 is way, way overpriced in addition to not beating the GT 545 in performance. The GTX 670 is an expensive gaming card.

    What will this computer be used for?
  3. Thought you couldn't use the internal cpu gpu with the p67 board. Has to be the 68 or the 77 (or lower end if you don't want to overclock_.
  4. Supermuncher85 said:
    Thought you couldn't use the internal cpu gpu with the p67 board. Has to be the 68 or the 77 (or lower end if you don't want to overclock_.

    Oh, good call. However, the video cards listed so far support three to five displays, so that won't be a problem. Also, it is not the number of the chipset that matters, it is the letter. P67 does not support the IGP, but H67 does.
  5. The build will need to serve a few small websites and will power my media center. I don't want to spend on the gpu (my last build has a comparable graphics card and I'm happy with its performance). I do, however, want to be sure to pick a mobo that will let me utilize the processor's apu.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far! Any other component advice is much appreciated!
  6. Overclocking chipsets that will let you use the IGP (it's not an APU, that would be some of AMD's processors) include the Z68 and Z77. The two main non-overclocking chipsets that let you use it are the H67 and the H77. 77s are generally a little better because they are newer, but they shouldn't make much of a performance difference, if they make one at all. If you want to use the IGP, then maybe an i7-3770 or such would be a better idea.

    A little more expensive, but it's a little faster than the 2600 as a CPU and its IGP (HD 4000) is about four times as fast overall as the 2600's HD 2000(about twice as fast as the 2600K's HD 3000). For a server build, a non K edition might be a better idea. Overclocking is generally not the best thing for servers IMO unless it's only minor or moderate overclocking and that can be done with a non K edition CPU.
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