How to power Antec 300 case fans

Been looking on the forums and can't find the answer I want.

I just put together my first build. It went well but I'm running into a problem powering all my case fans on my Antec 300 Illusion.

It seems on prior models they included both 3 pin adapters to connect to the motherboard and the 4 pin molex adapters to plug into the PSU. My problem is that my fans only come with the 3 pin adapters and my power supply doesn't have a 3 pin case fan plugin. I can plug two of my fans into the MOBO but the other two are just hanging out. How would I power my remaining two fans?

PS: Why would they sell the case without including adapters for the's kinda stupid to give you these extra fans with no way to power them...
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  1. Yep a fan controller will work. or you can just get some more Fan adapters.
  2. Could I buy one of those or an adapter at a Radio Shack or something like that? I really don't want to have to order anything on-line as I'm getting antsy and want get going with this computer.
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