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September 13, 2011 1:41:59 PM

Can we have the ability to block certain members, i'm getting a bit fed up with the volume of paranoic semi-political ranting that seems to be about 10% of the live feed at any one time, i would love to be able to ignore all posts by named induhviduals.

This is a tech site, alternatively the nontech parts of the forum should be excluded from the live feeds... those that want to be involved in that can be, those that don't don't have the subjects shoved in thier faces.

More about : blocking

September 13, 2011 10:10:30 PM

I also think this would be an excellent idea.
The political rantings from [Certain Individuals] that are currently spamming their way around are, quite frankly, intended to be offensives and to incite hate/fear.

For one, I would be quite appreciative if these posts could be toned down, blocked or, at the very least, stopped from showing up on the front page.
September 14, 2011 6:31:53 AM

I never used to see posts from the cellar/basement whatever it was called reaching the front page, so why not shove all non-core sub forums off the front page.

The last time I checked there were 11 out of the top 60.
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September 14, 2011 8:33:58 AM

It could be that Community Reporters are given priority spots on the front page.
Then again, Community Reporters should be doing quality, non-biased, Reporting instead of pushing a certain agenda and their threads should be worthy to push out to the masses.
September 14, 2011 9:03:23 AM

i'm not sure who you could be talking about... ;) 
September 14, 2011 9:21:22 AM

Who me?
Not talking about anyone at all :p 
September 14, 2011 9:28:47 AM

the trouble is it makes me think that more people from a certain country actually think like that than actually do, and that's dig yourself a bunker scary.
September 14, 2011 9:40:28 AM

Having immigrated out from this certain country a few years back, I can confirm that not everyone is this biased and closed minded.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who are educated enough or have enough common sense to make rational political decisions either work to much to keep track of politics or just do not care to do so :( 

Of course, having the loud and biased 'news' organizations shouting every little ratings grabbing excitement at you every time you do try and look into the news does not help matters either...
September 16, 2011 12:00:26 AM

I will speak to the other mods about your concerns and appreiciate you have not mentioned any names.

We will take this to PM.
September 16, 2011 12:45:46 PM

This topic has been reopen by Reynod
September 16, 2011 2:09:35 PM

Just to add my 2 cents. I dont have any problem with what they are saying, its just the volume.

Interesting conversations are getting lost in these incredibly "Polarized" threads.
September 16, 2011 5:38:36 PM

I have to agree with these guys. I come here to read and opine on hardware/software issues but lately the site has been inundated with political rhetoric and other garbage that we see plenty of when we try and watch the news. I guess it's okay for the "news" stations to pile this stuff on us but I have to disagree that it's okay here. Once in a while, a post here and there I wouldn't complain, but this is multiple posts taking up ( sometimes 30-40 % ) of the first page ( newest posts ) making me and I assume others not to want to try and find articles we came here to read and gain knowledge from. Looks like Tom's isn't Tom's anymore. Distressful!
September 17, 2011 5:38:15 AM

It's not covering up the news/articles feed. If anything, it might affect the recent threads feed. You can still use the right hand column to go to your favorite section. You can choose to avoid political threads in that main page.

It's better than the useless garbage threads that can inundate the main page.
September 17, 2011 9:38:29 AM

it is the recent threads that are the issue, agreed, they are making toms look like a political 'dabating' forum and not tech forum, if you are interested in those topics that are effectively off topic, then go a look for them leave the recent posts pages for recent posts about tech stuff. Yes we'll still get the hello's and the difference between dual core i3 and duel core, but they are harmless enough.
September 19, 2011 2:32:41 PM

But its also not a debate anymore, its several members standing on their soap boxes. It would be one thing if you could reasonably argue a point opposite theirs, but more times than not it ends with a

"How does it feel to be an idiot?"

Why bother posting political themed threads if you aren't going to listen to anyone and shoot down any opposing thoughts?
September 19, 2011 2:48:03 PM

I don't want to say anything inflamatory, so i'll say that they are not debators, just broadcasters, shout long enough and often enough and you might make a difference as opposed to try to reason people around by intelligent discourse...
September 20, 2011 11:42:41 PM

I'm not in favor of blocking people unless they use the word "Hitler" in every sentence or do other extreme things like that.

I too have had enough of the wacky "debates" in the politics section though. It was fun while it lasted but I see no point in getting into dumb fights with certain individuals again and again and again.

I'll drop by once in a while but I won't take on threads of certain individuals anymore, maybe that will bring some peace and quiet.
September 21, 2011 7:01:05 AM

I think that what is needed is a filter so that non-tech sections on the forum are not (as) represented on the front page.

Its a shame to lose people though, because ultimately only the noisy survive, and then the whole thing becomes very biased. Although that's best of medias problem too, if this becomes a non-tech soap box, it won't matter how good the (somewhat infrequent) reviews are, people will not come.
September 21, 2011 2:13:38 PM

Discourse can be incited without specific bias, and this is the domain of Tom's Community - to encourage discussion in a civil atmosphere. The frequency and quality of the content in question will be altered to encourage a more level-headed approach to topic discussion.
September 21, 2011 2:48:52 PM

Discourse can be, but when 11/60 items on the front page are from the same person, and all who engage in debate/discourse are informed that they are wrong/uneducated/a part of the problem then its not appropriate in my mind for the front page, those places/posts can exist but should be searched for and found and not pushed into peoples faces.
October 7, 2011 5:51:13 AM

am i blocked?
October 14, 2011 3:44:24 PM

I'm more interested in blocking forums sections from my front page, from certain sections 100% of the posts I am not interested in, so I don't want to see them, its only a Database lookup to see what my top60 is, based on sections i'm interested in, everyone has their own sections of interest/non interest, default is all.