GTX570 SLI 25s delays during alt+tab


I had one gigabyte GTX570SO and everything worked fine. I recently decided to upgrade to SLI but now I have problems - there's 25s extra black screen delays during boot, when resuming from sleep and when swithing between fullscreen and windowed mode in battlefield 3 or payday the heist. The delay isn't in every game - skyrim and terraria are fine. Also it does not stop the rest of the computer - after boot when the screen will turn on the windows is already in user selection screen.

Are those symptoms normal with SLI or can I do something to improve my situation?

I could send the new GPU back under warranty, especially because it keeps fans running at 70% even during idle (I use afterburner to fix that), but I'm not sure it will fix my problems.

I have 6G ram and i7-920@3.7GHz on Intel DX58SO motherboard.
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  1. Change which Card your monitor plugs into. Sounds like it keeps having to switch from primary to secondary every time you tax the monitor (Alt Tabbing, Changing to windows mode, all these send different signals to the monitor due to a possible change in resolution, even if their isnt one)
  2. just sounds like your cpu is being worked harder thus having less to process an alt tab, could be wrong tho.
  3. Swapped the monitor port without any success. I could hear the windows booting up from the speakers before I could see anything.
  4. The same black screen is when I change screen resolution or update rate. The screen is still black during bootup even when I disabled SLI.
  5. Found the problem - it was the dell U2311H monitor :heink: . The built in USB hub that I used for keyboard/mouse connection was not functioning well and it blocked the resolution change detection. After I pulled out the USB cables from monitor everything works ok.

    Would have never thought of that, but I tried everything else.
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