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I need to decied which stuff will be best for a gaming computer. I got some stuff, I belive they will work well, but I can look at others idea what would be better.
I inted to play the most recent games on hopfully highest graphics, e.g. Skyrim, Guild wars 2, Battelfield and so on. my budget is about £1000.
well my stuff which I intend to buy ar:

i5 2500k (I probably will not overclock)
Mother board or a better which will be good with my processor
Graphics card I inted to get gtx 580 but I dont have any idea which is the best option, some say that gtx560 ti x2 is better than a single gtx580, so I need to rly know what would be the best option for the higher res graphic and that will keep on going for longer, if I need to I will buy a 2nd gtx580 in the future,
as for the cooling system I need to know whats better air or water cooling.
and rest parts which I will need to make the computer run but I have no idea what they are.
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  1. I would not get the 580. According to Guru3D, SLI 560ti is more FPS for less. However, if it were me, I would just get one Radeon 7950. It runs cooler, is cheaper (sometimes), and eyefinity>surround (:P); also, it draws less power.
  2. I'd agree with 7950/7970
  3. 7950, overclock to a 7970. You would then be able to crossfire later with another when they go down in price.

    for the CPU cooler get a

    it is an air cooler but top of the line and preforms on par with most watercooling unless you are running a custom water loop ( more expensive and more maintenance)

    You will need a good power supply. If you want to future proof i would get a 1000 or 1200 watt power supply if you are wanting to overclock your cpu AND want to crossfire 7950s or 580s later. ( you may need to overclock the cpu to not bottleneck the cpu with two high end GPUs)

    something like this:

    you will also need a good case

    is a good one

    A dvd/cd rw is good or a blue ray if you want that.

    SSD is always nice too

    a harddrive

    If i missed any parts someone chime in ^_^
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