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Hello! I've recently been looking into upgrading my computer to play most current games Medium-High settings at 1600x900 resolution at about 30+FPS. Some games like BF3 and Crysis 2 I would settle at minimum settings. Although I don't have my specs handy, I do know that I will get a GTX 550 ti 1GB. My processor, however, is a Pentium Dual Core @ 3.2GHz (normal clocked). I have read that most games require at least a core duo. If I need to upgrade my CPU, then I won't bother. Could I have some advice please?
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  1. My advice is don't bother with that CPU, it won't play games decenetly, and you will be out the money you spent on it. Wait until you can get a more substantial upgrade.
  2. So I suppose a Pentium E5800 @3.2GHz =/= Core 2 Duo @#GHz?
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    That would be more like it.
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  5. Oh well, it was worth a try. :/
  6. Wait a minute, this guy got 40 FPS! (BF3)

    My RAM is also higher at 3GB DDR3
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