H70 vs H80

I have an AMD 8 core processor. Looking to get one of these. The H80 looked like the H70, just with added fans and fan control. I have extra fans and an lcd fan control. Any suggestions? Money is tight.
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  1. you already answered your own question

    its the same radiator so use your extra fans and fan controller

    i use a fan controller on my h80 anyway as the built in speed button only does low/medium/high

    the fan controller gives you precise control

    and the h80 default fans are too loud anyway so i ended up changing those
  2. awesome, thank you. i wasnt sure if the radiator was better or not. i read reviews how the 80 was a more improved version of the h70, but its nice to hear from someone that has one. glad i can go the cheaper route and get the same results!
  3. no problem
  4. Besides of the built in fan control, the H80 offers a thicker radiator. Which means it can dissipate more heat/keep the CPU cooler and/or allows for a possibly higher overclock. That's the main difference anyway.
  5. is it really worth the $30+ difference though?
  6. IMO, yes.
    H80 will give you better temps, will be quieter compared to H70, has Fan speed control i.e. low, medium, high. has a 5yr warranty.
  7. H70 has 5 years, too. Just sayin' ;)

    If you don't want to overclock or not much, H70 would be the better value, especially since you don't pay for fans you are going to replace anyway (H70 Core comes without fans).
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