Front audio jack still not working?

Okay, I don't really use a front audio jack (my cheap speakers have a jack), but I had to urge to "fix" my front audio jack.
My NZXT Gamma case didn't have long enough front audio cables to reach to the back of my motherboard, so I needed to buy an extension.

The extension fit on the NZXT plug, as well as the Front AUdio pins on my motherboard. But there is still no audio using the front panel. Sound works fine through the speakers using my rear jack though. Ideas?
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  1. have you looked in the windows audio manager to see if they are recognised? or are they greyed out?
  2. It ends up the front audio jack IS working, just something is wrong software wise.
    The headphones work through the front jack, as long as speakers are plugged into the rear jack as well.
    I need to physically turn off or turn down the speakers because the sound is coming out of both
    the speakers as well as the headphones. Any ideas?
  3. Turn the volume up in audio manager. when you first install the front panel the volume in the front panel is set to 0
  4. Ignore that last post :P

    My previous computer did exactly the same thing. I never fixed it. I believe it was just the way the motherboard was. My new build cuts the speakers out when you plug the front panel in. I did nothing to set this up, it just worked as soon as it was built.
  5. I guess I will just leave it as is. It was mainly the idea I built a PC and had something not functioning, not as much that I would actually use it.
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    Yes, this is normal on some motherboard audio chipsets. In some cases it is also configurable in the BIOS to how it behaves, but not many.
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