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Hello, so my nephew's birthday is coming up and I want to buy him a hd 6570 to replace his old overclocked 8600gt. One day I saw his PSU was a 300w no-branded one.So I went over to this site:


and I saw it uses pretty much the same power as his 8600gt:


Then I went over to ATI's site and saw it required a psu with a minimum of 400w..now I'm confused. I dont think my nephew had problems running his 8600gt on his 300w, why should he have a problem running the 6570 when they use the same power? Is it possible to do that?
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  1. The HD6570 should run fine on a modern 300watt PSU, Total system load is going to be around 200watts.
  2. you will be fine with a mass vendor 300w unit
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