Computer problems 1 core 100cent with no reason shown in task manager

i just recently put together a gigabyte z68ma d2 b3 motherboard with and i5-2400 cpu

earlier today i replaced the cpu with a i5-2390t and it was running fine.
but now i have one core running at 100 percent and i have no idea what is causing it.

the total cpu usage is 32 percent

the computer is behaving badly and its very sluggish.

It runs much smoother when running prime 95 on all cores then it is now.

any ideas?
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  1. system idle is at 98 percent in task manager, with one core still at 100 percent.

    i am shutting down and doing an antivirus boot with kasperky (SP)
  2. It was a bad hard drive.
    please close this thread
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