New threads & "Mark all as old" BS

It takes me like 4 ******* hours just to start a new thread because I keep getting this message:

"No old message in this section. You need to use at least one time "Mark all as old" to be able to use the command "New topics since last marking as old"

Well, I see no way to mark ANYTHING as read. I've done a Ctrl/f to search for it and it's nowhere. This is soooo ****** stupid - do away with it as it's nothing but a pain in the ass.

Yes, I'm pissed!!!
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  1. So, what's happening is the button "New Topics" is screwing me up when I want to start a new thread. I don't see how anyone would ever normally think to goto the "Ask the community" button just to start a new thread. Jesus Christ, just put a "Start New Thread" button up there and be done with it, Geesh.
  2. If you have a question or an issue, simply ask the question in an appropriate manner and someone will answer it.

    Try again.
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