I just got through building a new computer AMD 1G on a ASUS A7PRo MOBO with a 300watt power supply. I have everything hooked up, but I don't have any power, when I plug it in the CPU fan goes on for a second or two then stops, the LED goes on and stays on while plugged in and remains on for a couple of seconds after it is plugged out. I am trying to troubleshoot this any advice would be welcome.
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  1. Hold in a minute. YOu have fans spinning when you plug the power supply connector to the motherboard? That's not the right way to install our stuff! You should not plug any cables to the power supply before ou plug it into the motherboard.

    Anyway it is normal to have the fans spinning for quite a while and have the motherboard LED to light up and then dim away after you unplug it. It's the motherboard and power supply capacitors that are playing the trick here. Haven't you power up yet? Is the power button connected to the right pins in the motherboard?

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  2. A very good possibility is that your power supply is being made to supply too much. Give me a list of all the things in your computer
  3. The way I read his post, the fans spin up temporarily when he plugs the power cord into the power supply. A little strange but nothing to worry about I think. Probably just means he has a power supply without a master on/off switch on the back. Which means whenever the power cord is in, the system is in a soft off waiting for the computer's power switch to be hit.

    firefly, if this is the case DO NOT make any changes to your system without first unplugging the power cord.

    If that Asus A7Pro MB is designed anything like the Asus A7V133 MB, the LED you're refering to is on the MB and just indicates that the power supply is on. It's a warning not to make any changes without risking damage.

    Like machow said, you haven't mentioned actually turning on the computer so I'm not sure you can even ask for troubleshooting help yet.
  4. Hi Icxcnika:
    I have a AMD TBIRD 1G CPU with fan, 128mb Ram,30 GB HD, internal 100mb zip drive, floppy drive dvd-rom, TNT 32mb sound card,a video card, ASUS A7PRO MOBO and a 300 watt power supply with a on/off switch. Everything is brand new. Everything is in place and hooked up, when I plug the power in to the socket, and turn on the power supply switch (before I hit the power on switch on the front of the case), the cpu fan comes on for a second and then goes dead everything else is dead,no response when I hit the power swith on the front of the case. Any Ideas????

  5. My computer used to behave that way, and there is certainly nothing wrong with the power supply, motherboard etc. But you cannot power up the system from the front panel.... hmm. Are you sure you have connected the switch to the motherboard front panels correctly? Let's try the obvious first...

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  6. I took the front off the computer and hooked it to another computer and it worked perfectly, I have also switched out power supply and that is operating ok on the other computer but when I switch them back to the original computer it doesn't fire up. I am beginning to think that the Mobo is faulty, is their any way to test the mobo to make sure it is ok???
  7. A way to test a mobo besides bringing it to a repair shop, paying money, and letting them try? Not really. But before you do that, try reversing the front panel power switch connector on your mobo. It's easy to have it backwards. In fact, try it both ways with JUST that one connected (no power LED or hard drive activity LED or reset switch, just power switch). Also, do that with only the CPU, RAM, and video card plugged in. Then add the other front panel things if it works. If it stops working you got one wrong. Try again. A pain, but that's what the repair shop will do to test the mobo. So why pay them.
  8. I have switched the connectors and the same result, nothing. I have put the connectors in a different computer and it works perfect, but I get on in the original computer and since I have also switched out the power supply the only thing left seems to be the MB, which is not even a week old.
  9. I need some advice, I took the mobo back to the retailer, they checked it out and said it was dead, he also indicated that because one standoff was not screwed in, this cause the mobo to shortcircuit and fried the mobo. The asus A7PRO has nine standoffs, I was able to insert screws into eight of the standoffs but was unable to get the screw into the last standoff. Would this cause the mobo to shortcircuit??
  10. The metal standoffs from the case do have to be lined up correctly with the screw holes on the motherboard or else they will touch parts of the circuitry on the mobo. If that happens, it will short it out. If you can't position the motherboard so that you can put screws into all nine holes, then either your case or your mobo is designed poorly.
  11. I checked the mobo and there were no circuits that was close to that standoff. The screw would go in the standoff but it was just off by a hair and could'nt get the screw aligned enough to screw it in.
  12. Each item in your computer takes up a little more power, so it sounds like your computer is just being made to handle to much. even though this should probably be the last step, try getting a bigger power supply. The other possibility: Your power supply has volt switching, and its set to 220 rather than 110. There is a switch on the back use it to switch between modes. Tell me if that works. Oh, and the other guess is: something is hooked up incorrectly, most likely your MB or HD
  13. Thanks for your advice everyone. What was causing the problem was a bad mobo took it back to the retailer again today talked to the manager and explained what was going on, he gave me a new mobo, took it home hooked it up and its running like a top.
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