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what is the best intel hd or ividia ge force
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  1. However Intel may re-brand their integrated graphics they will never be a match for a dedicated card from Nvidia (or AMD for that matter

    Intel offer fairly basic graphics solutions which are fine for general PC useage - but if gaming is your thing then best buy a better add on card
  2. Intel HD 2000 is junk.

    Intel HD 3000 inside something like a Core i5 2500k where you can massively overclock the GPU from 850Mhx to 1450Mhz is OK...

    ...while you wait for your GTX to arrive in the post.
  3. For Intel I believe that's the HD3000. Ivy Bridge is supposed to be coming soon and should be around twice as fast as that.

    The fastest Geforce is the GTX580. MUCH faster then the HD3000.

    You didn't ask, but the fastest AMD (single) GPU you can currently buy is the 6970. It's still MUCH faster then the HD3000, and a bit slower then the GTX580. AMD also has the 7970 coming out in a couple of weeks that is faster then the GTX580 by around 20%.
  4. GeForce is a brand with many levels of performance. If you mean a GT 220 vs Intel HD 3000, I'd probably say stick with Intel HD lol.

    Still, for a reasonable price ($100-200) any dedicated GPU will be faster than integrated.
  5. But seriously, I played Skyrim in 1280x800 on my overclocked HD3000 with medium detail and was amazed at how respectable the performance was. OK, I only played the first couple of hours before my 460s arrived in the post, but having a HD3000 sat there is great for using when you either don't yet have a discrete card, or you suspect problems or faults and need a baseline boot without peripherals. Plus, if you have a Z68 Mobo that has Lucid on board, you can still get access to the intel GPU which kicks ass on even the best discrete card for video encodes. It's nice to have as a backup, and it's totaly usable for short periods of time when you are between cards.
  6. I think I've heard that the HD3000 is like the 5450. It won't wow your socks off, but as you've mentioned it can do in a pinch. This is why so many are waiting for IB. The CPU side won't be any faster then SB, but Intel is supposedly doubling the cores/shaders compared to SB. This should make it much faster. You'll still want a real GPU for gaming, but all laptops and netbooks with a IB CPU should instantly become OK gaming machines. At least compared to the Intel machines of old.
  7. The Intel HD 3000 is about as powerful as a desktop Radeon HD 5450.

    Ivy Bridge CPUs will have either the Intel HD 2500 or Intel HD 4000 graphics core depending on which model you buy. The Intel HD 4000 is expected to be around 60% faster than the current Intel HD 3000. That puts the performance at around the Radeon HD 5550.
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