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Hi people! I was wondering if anyone could help me choose a graphics card. I am stuck between a AMD 6850 1gb, Nvidia gtx 560se 1 gb and an AMD 7700 1gb. I am upgrading from a nvidia 8800gs 384mb which has done me well for the last 3 years considering i only paid £35 for it. It's for my new system which will be an AMD fx4100 3.6 quad core, 8 gb ddr3 ram, an OCZ agility 3 120gb solid state drive(i have a 500gb usb storage drive).
I have already bought my OCZ agility 3 solid state drive which i am extremely happy with but am just stuck on the graphics card.I am on a tight budget also.
My current system is an AMD 5200+ 2.7 cpu, 4 gb ddr2 ram, Nvidia 8800gs 384 mb and the OCZ hard drive i just got. I am not looking for a super fast pc, just a good upgrade from what i have.
Any help or advice would be appreciated!
P.S Anyone thinking of going for a solid state drive should.It made me realize how noisy and slow my old hard drive was.
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  1. If anyone thinks i should save up for a better graphics card please say also, i am not sure if the AMD FX4100 CPU will bottlneck it or not.
  2. jay2577 said:
    If anyone thinks i should save up for a better graphics card please say also, i am not sure if the AMD FX4100 CPU will bottlneck it or not.

    Whats your overall budget for CPU, MOBO, RAM and GPU ?
  3. My budget is about £300 for the motherboard, ram,cpu and graphics card. this doesn't include my solid state drive i already bought.
    It's not much but it's all i can afford at the moment and i think i can get quite an upgrade to what i already have for this money.
  4. If I remember correctly, the 7700 Radeon series should be weaker than a Radeon 6850. From Tom's charts I would go with the 560 being the strongest out of the three. What is the purpose of this computer?
  5. AMD FX 4100 Black Edition, Orochi Core, S AM3+, 3.6GHz, 8MB Total Cache, HT 3200MHz, 95W, Retail
    £72.41 £86.89
    8GB (2x4GB) Kingston DDR3 HyperX Genesis Grey, PC3-12800 (1600), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 9-9-9-27, XMP, 1.5V
    £33.80 £40.56
    Asus M5A97, AMD 970, S AM3+, DDR3, SATA III - 6Gb/s, RAID SATA, PCIe 2.0 (x16), ATX
    £56.97 £68.36
    1GB XFX HD 6870 Double D cooling, 4200MHz GDDR5, GPU 900MHz, 1120 Stream Processors, 2x DVI/ HDMI/ 2x mini DisplayPort
    £98.68 £118.42


    So just £24 over budget and by far the best bang for buck.
  6. Wow thanks for the reply! It does look good. The purpose of the computer is gaming and video encoding plus internet. I will look into getting that and the motherboard supports sata 3 with 6gb per second data transfer which is what i want for my agility 3 solid state drive.
    I like to play deus x human revolution, crysis,some older games and will be looking to get crysis 2, elder scrolls 5 and maybe battlefield 3.Plus some others maybe.
    From what i have at the moment it will be quite an upgrade i think.
    Thanks again for the replies you have been really helpful
  7. Yes it will be quite a good upgrade from what you have now, The mobo also supports USB 3, and is a good overclocker, so in the future you can buy yourself a Cooler master Hyper 212 evo for around £25, then with a simple button push you can OC the FX cpu to around 4.0ghz.
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