Need advice on gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset

am getting a new pc and was wondering what headset, mouse, and keyboard for it here is what i had in mind

razer naga epic
creative labs sound blaster tactic3d wrath wireless
logitech g19 keyboard

if you recommend anything pls have them follow the requirements

1 items all have to have same color scheme (prefferably red to go with my pc's red led lights)
2 keyboard lights need to light up
3 headset and mouse has to be wireless
4 keyboard and mouse has to have programmable buttons (the more the better)
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  1. Well first ditch the headset, i would go for a logitech Wireless 7.1 headset much better.
  2. agreed with above, about mouse

    I'm using Razer Mamba 2012 edition it's great so far, but soon i'll be buying the roccat kone + and the asure element black something from thermaltake, just for the gist of having them. those are great mice too just so you know

    for keyboard any razer keyboard is good, and logitech ones are awesome, but im also eyeing some thermaltake keyboards, but for mouse pad just in case you also want one, i suggest the razer vespula, got option for speed or control, and i love it, i use it on all the system i have right now, works wonders on lan party at my house too, people love it
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