Optimize Hyperthreading in Gaming?

I have been watching my CPU activity while gaming, and it appears that every game I play is being assigned to a Physical and Virtual core (0 and 2; please correct me if I falsely identified my physical cores). During gaming, both are maxed out, and I sometimes see spikes in cores 1&3, which are probably just other system tasks.
Is there a way to optimize this? I know that virtual cores are less efficient than physical ones.
- Setting Affinity could work... but my CPU benchmarks have shown a 29% increase when hyperthreading, so I would still like to take advantage of the virtual cores
- Is there an OS/registry edit that could set my primary cores to the physical ones?
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  1. They're probably

    0 physical
    1 HT
    2 physical
    3 HT

    and so forth
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    The end user/OS only sees 4 virtual cores. :)

    virtual cores 0 and 1 belong to real physical core #0
    Virtual cores 2 and 3 belong to real physical core #1

    hence, your game is already optimized, as its using both the real physical cores, via virtual ones 0 and 2.

    Incase it was using 0 and 1, or 2 and 3 together, that wud be the non-optimized way of doing things.

    PS:- Almost all modern OSes after 2008 can well aware and make the most efficient use of HT, so stop worrying about stuff like this, and enjoy ur gaming :D
  3. I did research on this a while ago.
    "Physical cores come first, then virtual ones. In your case 0 to 3 are physical, 4 to 7 are virtual."
    But i failed to scroll down the rest of the way
    "But only understood this way:
    0 = real/physical core(1st)
    1 = virtual
    2 = real/physical core(2nd)
    3 = virtual
    4 = real/physical core(3rd)
    5 = virtual"
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  5. Unless you have a very good reason for doing so, you shouldn't try to be smarter than the OS scheduler. Let it do its job and enjoy your games. You are unlikely to see any benefits except in highly CPU-intensive applications which have little dependency on other system resources.
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