Overclocking a 560 Ti | Need help on Voltage.


So, I got my weird 560 Ti less than a week ago and I've been overclocking it a bit but I haven't touched Voltage yet.

950/1900/2200 actually failed at Unigine Heaven so I down clocked to 900/1800/2100 for the moment which has absolutely no stability issues.

My stock and current Voltage is 1.012V.

My PSU is an OCZ stealthXstream 2 700W.
My CPU is an stock i7-860.
I've got 4gig dual channel 665 mhz ram.

What I need here is anything tip or info you can give about 560 ti overclocking wether it's personnal experience or stuff you've read.

Thank you :).
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  1. I have two MSI 2GB in SLI.

    The stock voltage is 1.025V as they are factory OCd to 880/1760/2004

    I overclocked them just to 950/1900/2070 @ 1.062V. My cards don't seem to OC well though.

    BF3 really stresses the cards more than 3dmark or any benchmark test, and you may need to increase your voltage.

    It is advisable to stay below 1.1V.

    These cards don't have heatsinks on the VRMs so that is why i don't want to push the cards too hard, so there is more to consider than just the GPU core temp.

    Although people have ramped the voltage up to 1.15V and been running without issue for months now.

    Just stay below 1.1V, and with your current OC and voltage I am sure the card will OC very well at a similar voltage to mine.
  2. :D

    Thank you for your contribution. I guess I won't go over 1.1 then. I'm like taking risks but when it comes to money I prefer to play it safe.

    And why does everybody keep telling me to use BF3 :'(. I wish I had it to be able to stress my card and see what it's really worth but I really can't afford it and it seems like there are no unofficial online servers. Can't even find a cracked single player version -_-. Same with MW3 (not for stressing the card, just because I wanted to do the single player and it's good online :p).
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